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Snake Bytes 7/22: The Dog Days are Here

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It's hot outside in Phoenix. The days are long and now the Diamondbacks are losing, even when they pitch well. Yup, the dog days have arrived.

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Quick Quotes

"They're pretty good. But, obviously, we need to do much better than we did tonight. Hopefully we can gather and come back at it tomorrow."

-A.J. Pollock on the Diamondbacks' offensive woes

"I like those types of games. I thought I felt pretty good, just I can't make those mistakes when he's throwing that well."

-Jeremy Hellickson on his tough loss outing

It Happened Last Night

Marlins 3, Diamondbacks 0

Jeremey Hellickson took a tough-luck loss facing off against vintage Mat Latos.


By the Numbers

Diamondbacks Digest

Zack Godley to Start Thursday for Diamondbacks

Godley, acquired in the Miguel Montero trade, started the season strong, having opened the year in Visalia. He has since been promoted to Mobile, where he has shown good stuff, but not had quite the same results.

Diamondbacks Offense in Another Skid

The Diamondbacks were shut down by Mat Latos on Tuesday night, handing Jeremy Hellickson a tough loss. That has only been the icing on the cake though, as the team has been struggling to score runs over their last eight games.

Goldschmidt has Talent of Basepaths

While the bulk of the focus has been placed on Paul Goldschmidt's excellence at the plate, he is also making waves as a base runner.

Diamondbacks Left Draft Cash on Table

The Diamondbacks managed to sign their top pick and even managed to sign a "hard sign" prep player. But did the Diamondbacks make the best use of their draft position and resources?