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Diamondbacks 0, Marlins 3

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It was a pitcher's duel, with both pitchers throwing amazing games. Jeremy Hellickson got the start for the Diamondbacks, and had one of his best starts of the season. He ended up going seven innings, five hits, two earned runs, six strikeouts and no walks, along with, at one point, going 13 straight hitters without allowing a baserunner. Any other night, he probably gets the win, but...

Mat Latos was even better. He also went seven innings, but didn't allow any runs, giving up four hits and a walk to Paul Goldschmidt, getting seven strikeouts on the night. The Diamondbacks just couldn't put anything together against him, and in the end, it was that offensive futility was what sunk the Dbacks tonight.

The bullpen gave up another run to increase the Marlins lead, but it didn't really matter. The original lead was too much to overcome. In the end, the offense just couldn't put it together against a pitcher that has always had their number and a bullpen that is the only real strength of the Marlins. Full recap to follow.