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Diamondbacks 3, Marlins 1: Rubby Double Playla Rosa

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The Diamondbacks got four double plays and held on to snap the six game skid

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Boy, winning a game instead of losing one is a novel concept, eh? I think the Diamondbacks should do it more often. I know Stewart and LaRussa have an unorthodox style, but I think that doing the "Win the game" gameplan is better than doing the "Lose the game" gameplan. Might just be me.

Rubby De La Rosa had one of his good games today, and aided by some slick infield defense, mostly to the tune of Nick Ahmed. All in all, the Diamondbacks rolled up four double plays in the game, which is a lot for one game. Rubby, for his part, only allowed one run in 7 innings of work, which is good. (He did walk five, which is not so much, but lets not focus on that, eh?)

The Diamondbacks got to David Phelps, the guy starting for the Marlins, kinda early. David Peralta hit a two-run single with the bases loaded in the 3rd to give the Diamondbacks a 2-0 lead. De La Rosa, for his part, also got an RBI in the 6th, when he hit a sac-fly that scored Jake Lamb to make it 3-0.

No runs were given up by the Diamondbacks until the 7th, DLR's last inning, on a Home Run, that really only just barely met the minimum qualifications for a Home Run, by Marlins player Derek Dietrich to make it 3-1.

Rubby gave way to Oliver Perez in the 8th. Perez only got one batter out, and gave up two singles, so Brad Ziegler came in for the five-out save. He ended up walking the bases loaded, but got the aforementioned DIetrich to ground out to end the threat without any runs allowed. His 9th inning was less squiffy, and the Diamondbacks snapped a losing streak.

Source: FanGraphs

Awesome: Rubby + 32.8%
Shamed their family: Welington Castillo, -8.3%

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Tomorrow it's Jeremy Hellickson vs. Mat Latos. Make yourself some tea, pull up an ottoman, put on your leapord-print bathrobe, and watch some Diamondbacks Baseball. If you want.