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Snakes versus the Mountains

We know that we've been scuffling, showing tantalizing signs of near competence. Granted, it's NEAR competence and I think many of us are surprised at how close the DBacks appear to be to being relevant (at least in the eyes of the media). Our bats have been better than expected and while we've been slow to make moves that even an armchair GM's could support (cough*Welington*cough), we're still not quite what we hoped we could be, would be. Doesn't mean that we can't cheer our guts out while watching, even if we decide that we really don't need an AJ Pollack Star Wars bobblehead.

is it true that every time Goldschmidt homers an Angel gets its wings?
is it true that every time Goldschmidt homers an Angel gets its wings?
Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

So, now that the holiday is upon us, will we see the Rockies red glare or will this be more of a perilous fight?  Oi Vey, can you see just how groan inducing it can be when your task is still there.....

So now you can remove your caps and place your hand (while holding the beverage of choice) across your heart and cite the fans pledge of allegiance...

I pledge allegiance, to the franchise of the metropolitan area of Phoenix

and to the taxpayers, for which it stands

One DBat dog, indigestible, with cheesy fries

with cold beverages and nachos for all.....


The pendulum is dead for the Rocks, mayhap it is stuck; as for the Dbacks, it's on the backswing meaning that they've lost more than they've won and they hope to get healthier at home against the Rockies than they have with the Bridegrooms.  Perhaps inertia is a better term for our current status, although ennui may be just as good.

Pitching Matchups


Chris Rusin (3-2/4.59/1.59) vs. Jeremy Hellickson (5-5/5.38/1.42)

Hellickson has done moderately well, does that ensure his position within the rotation, maybe, maybe not.  The FO has invested a trade of prospects in his services but his performances have been just enough to not draw massive criticism when there are so many other glaring vortexes of suck that the team is dealing with.  Rusin has a winning record while pitching for Colorado, which either says something about his skills or the run support that he's received.


Kyle Kendrick (3-10/6.07/1.44) vs Chase Anderson (4-2/3.66/1.19)

Kendrick hasn't been impressive, except when he pitched against Arizona the last week.  Chase has looked like our most consistent pitcher so far this season, not the guy with the best stuff, just the guy who has shown the most on each and every outing.  Who could've known?


David Hale (2-3/5.95/1.39) vs Mystery Guest ()

Will it be Corbin or Chacin or do we throw a start to Collmenter, Delgado or is there a yet to be determined development?  Stay tuned because as of the writing of this preview, we simply don't know.


Jorge De La Rosa (5-5/4.59/1.48) vs. Rubby De La Rosa (6-3/4.60/1.24)

Their Ace versus our potential ace... De La Rosa (Rubby) has shown flashes, glimpses of having the kind of stuff we all love to see on our staff, despite a penchant for gopher balls, he's been trending better than not and we sure hope that the trends will continue.


Nolan Arenado - 2.2 (no surprise, this guy deserves to be in the All Star game really)

Charlie Blackmon/ Troy Tulowitzski - 1.6

Nick Hundley - 1.4

No one else above 1.0, so despite some nice BA and such, I guess they're not producing results from them, go figure.  Hey, at least they don't have Michael Cuddyer there to torment us this year.


3 in 4 is my guess, I really don't expect much in the way of pitcher's duels and since fireworks are in order, I expect that we'll see some this weekend.


Boone Logan was named due to his conception, post the imbibing of some Boone's Farm product.