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Diamondbacks 5, Giants 6: The Emperor's Own Beercap.

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Record: 42-46. Pace: 77-85. Change on 2014: +6.


Beer 1: Pine Drop IPA by Deschutes
  • Well, the ASG game has passed and I’m back at Papago for another glorious round of beercaps. FOR THE EMPEROR!!
  • Robbie Ray, the one bright shinning hope of this pitching staff. Let us hope the second half of this season see more beacons of hope appear
  • So far so good with Ray. Not bad at all and the beerness has just begun.
  • God Emperor Goldy, the second half for him might be very exciting indeed. Hopefully at least as good as the first
  • ALL STAR POLLACK, does All Star things. Nice lead off double makes my day a bit better.
  • Goldy doth not get a hit, but he doth get an RBI. One of many to be had this season. 1-0 Dback
  • Much back and forth conversation between roommatre and Papago Jerry. My head hurt. If only I wasn’t so nice and such a good conversationalist…..sigh
  • Ray is mortal after all as Crawford evens things up with a long double. 1-1 WITH NO OUTS and the top of the 2nd. Still early, but I fear this may turn into a slugfest and thus a long beer night
  • Robbie gets out of a bit of trouble, perhaps there is hope.


Beer 2: Hop Ticket Saison by Victory Brewing
  • Smooth and awesome with a Belgium ale fruitiness that’s not too overwhelming…kinda wish I ordered another IPA though.
  • Jesse drinks beer and he’s a professional disc golfer, yes that is a thing. This legend is drinking next to me and he can throw a disc 480ft, easy. That’s forever.
  • It’s a colorful crowd here. I meet all walks of life at Papago: disc golfers, laser salesmen, server managers for GoDaddy, pot heads,
  • Jesse and I are speaking of the merits of LA, which we both agree are few and far between. We agree that MAYBE LA has a good Vietnamese Pho place, besides that….not much.
  • Pollack sends a laser beam of a shot juuuuuuuussst below the line in left field. He’s every inch an All Star, and there is no doubt about that.
  • Peralta might have just broken the sound barrier running out that long double. Anyone else hits that and it’s only a standup double. Peralta hits it and he’s like "Oh yes, this will be mine. It will be mine." 2-1 Dbacks.
  • Goldy, Primarch of the Dbacks, got his second RBI, yet he let a VERY hittable get away. Sigh, sack flys are good…..I guess. 3-1 Dbacks


Beer 3: HopKnot by Four Peaks Brewing
  • Been a while since I had this, in an article or otherwise, but it’s great still. Not the best IPA in the state, but always top 5.
  • Owings. Despite hating on him for quite a while PURGES that ball out to deep center. 4-1 Dbacks
  • Ahmed follows up with a ball that was JUST on the chalk getting to second. God help us, if Owing and Ahmed can hit consistently going forward. Woe betide all who face us…
  • Ray gets very sneaky, but doesn’t quite pull off the butcher boy hit up the middle. Still, when you’re playing with house money, why not.
  • Going into the 5th and the Dbacks look pretty damn solid. This calls for a beer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Beer 4: RuinTen Triple Imperial IPA by Stone Brewing. All the hops.ALL THE HOPS!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Too soon did I say that. Ray getting in a bit of trouble with two outs as the bases are loaded with Pence up to bat….dammit
  • Robbie get’s out of most of the trouble, but allows a run off a wild pitch. 4-2 Dbacks.
  • Jerry just went Hulk that bottom of the 4th. Flew into a rage and killed a bar sign on the wall. Our offense better improve or Jerry may kill someone
  • Jerry’s beer has helped calm his otherworldly rage, though Chafin’s pitching may reawaken his blood fury.
  • Luckily Chafin staves off doom and thus stave off Jerry going insane again. Praise be to Emperor Goldy
  • Beef Welington with double in the 6th, something we may only see one other time this year. Seriously, that guy is built like he only eats beef wellingtons.
  • There is a God! Hill did a thing!!!!! 5-2 Dbacks after Hills does a thing. YAY!
Beer 5: PineDrops with ?????
  • Mystery mixters are fun and full of fun.
  • Rode back home and now, bottom of the 9th, Lord Goldy is up to bat with a chance to win things.
  • Too much beer...too much baseball.  Madness
Beer 6: Habanero Sculpin IPA
  • A little Spice to end the night, hopefully the Dbacks finish the game as well.

[Jim takes over] At this point, communications with our beercapper were lost, the interminable pace of Bruce Bochy's pitching changes having worn down ever Turambar's sterling stamina. I was driving home in the 10th inning, during which Brad Ziegler stranded a lead-off double, and part of the 11th, which say Randall Delgado do the same. However, a series of blunders in the 12th let the Giants take the lead. With a runner on first and one out, Welington Castillo clanked one. The next batter walked, but Bochy was out of players, so had to let his pitcher hit. But Delgado failed to field a bunt, and the bases became loaded with one out.

We still had a chance to salvage things, as the next batter hit a hard ground-ball to Cliff Pennington. But his throw home for the force short-hopped Castillo, who let that clank off his glove too, scoring the go-ahead run. Delgado escaped without further damage, but it wasn't enough. The Diamondbacks did threaten in their half: Goldie singled, Lamb walked and Castillo singled. Unfortunately, between Paul and Jake, Yasmany Tomas hit into a double-play, completing a wretched evening where he went 0-for-6 with three K's and a double-play. So this was five hours of my life I'll never get back...

Probably fortunately for Tomas, there's no Fangraph available yet, so we've been spared finding out exactly how much WP he cost. David Peralta had three hits, Goldie two and a walk, and there were two-hit nights for A.J. Pollock, Castillo & Jake Lamb. Almost 700 comments in the GDT,.freeland1787, GuruB and NumberOneIanKennedyFan31 leading. Also there: AzRattler, Clefo, DeadmanG, Diamondhacks, Jim McLennan, JoeCB1991, Majabe, Makakilo, MrMrrbi, SongBird, Sprankton, asteroid, cardshuffle, ford.williams.10, gamepass, hotclaws, noblevillain, onedotfive, preston.salisbury, shoewizard, and thunderpumpkin87. CotT to freeland for this erroneous prediction.

We'll reconvene tomorrow at 5:10pm, for Star Wars Night. I'll be at the park, with Mrs. S, the SnakePitette and her fiance, and I know a few others will also be present there. Here's to it a) being a better game, and b) not taking five hours. Chase Anderson starts for the Diamondbacks.