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Snake Bytes 7/16: Big News Day?

With all of baseball having taken the day off yesterday, it is not exactly surprising that there is a lack of morning coffee news. However, the Diamondbacks do look to have a big news day ahead of them today. So keep those twitter and Snake Pit feeds open.

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Quick Quotes

"I think the situation will work out and it's part of everything positive that's happened in our organization."

-Tony La Russa on Signing Dansby Swanson

"While we were at the All-Star Game, we were on the field for the practices, I can't tell you how many of our peers, from both leagues, came over and talked about the way our club was competing in the first half and how much fun they are to watch."

-Tony La Russa

All the News

La Russa Confident of Signing Swanson

Much has been made lately of the Diamondbacks not having yet inked their first overall pick in the 2015 draft. The teams CBO isn't concerned.

Diamondbacks Going to Wire with 1-1 Pick Swanson

Dansby Swanson is actually only one of five first-rounders to have not signed yet.

Rookie Campaigns by Diamondbacks Through the Years

Here is a brief look at notable rookie seasons by some of the best home-grown players to suit up for the snakes.

Statcast Stories for the Second-half

Statcast has really taken off this season. Here are four Statcast questions for the second-half.

MLB's Four Greatest Living - Or Not?

Ted Berg gives his take on the cultural and political realities that helped to define the touching moment before Tuesday night's All-Star Game.