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How Did the Diamondbacks Do in the ASG?

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Well, the American League won the All-Star Game. But how did our Diamondback representatives do in the game? Read on and find out!

Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

Well, as I'm sure you know, Paul Goldschmidt started the game at first for the NL All-Stars. He ended up getting three at bats, in the second, fourth, and sixth innings. In his first at bat, Goldy got an infield single, but then went to second when Josh Donaldson airmailed this throw to first. Jhonny Peralta then brought him home, making him the first NL run scored.

He struck out in his second plate appearance, but reached base again in his third at bat. He came up to the plate with two outs, and he hit a soft grounder to the pitcher, Zach Britton. Again, a bad throw to first, this time just pulling the first baseman off the base, allowing Goldy to sneak in on the error.

After that, Goldy was pulled in favor of Adrien Gonzalez, and A. J. Pollock went into center, replacing Andrew McCutchen. Pollock only got one at bat in the game, and he grounded out. He did make the play on Prince Fielder's eighth inning sac fly, however that was the extent of his involvement in the game.

That's it for your Arizona Diamondbacks. A quiet night for our All-Stars over all, and the pre-game talk of Goldschmidt possibly getting the MVP award ended up being a bit premature. However, Goldy did help get the NL on the board for the first time, which was kind of cool. Normal baseball activities resume on Friday, when the Diamondbacks take on the Giants. See you there!