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Los Gigantes Arrive

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Well the all star break is over... have we mellowed? have the glimpses of non-suckage allowed our expectations to rise? Do we have to remind ourselves that this year we were destined to suck and to have had as many moments of baseball lucidity as we've had collectively are to be cherished and allowed to nurture hope that this team may indeed show a growth from the turgid depths of last year. Who am I kidding, we want to win now, have won yesterday and win forever more, our collective ID as fans is based on Conan the Barbarian, not so much Conan the late show host..... So having got that out of the way.... The Giants are coming into town and this is an odd year, but perhaps they're looking to manifest their own destiny this year as well. Can the DBacks find a safe harbor at home? Has the stink of the last road trip been washed away by trips to Disneyland and players collective deep breaths and heavy sighs knowing that half of the season is already in the books? Tune in to this bat channel on Friday, where somebody will be playing somebody for the bragging rights that will expire at game time the very next day... In the interim, here's a cat picture....

The hopes of the DBacks depend on this guy finding a ladder to walk under
The hopes of the DBacks depend on this guy finding a ladder to walk under
Phil Cole/Getty Images


As of the time of this preview, no Giants pitchers have been announced, I am sure that this will change by game time on Friday, but since I am crafting this epic piece of blogging on Wednesday night, I got bupkis.

For the D'Backs we have the following:

Friday: Robby Ray

Saturday: Chase Anderson

Sunday: Patrick Corbin

Let's just say that I think all of us would be grateful to not suffer the neck straining performance from the last series.  Maybe the break killed the mojo, maybe we simply ran into the wrong team at the wrong time.  It would be less than optimal to watch the defending world series champs do some victory laps in our ballpark.


Well, it's a funny thing, does Big Mo carry over a four day break?  Feel free to discuss...


Considering we have no idea on who we're facing, I have a hard time making a prediction here, but Vegas betting lines are showing that the investment of a cinnamon churro will get you a return of three soft tacos or two chalupas.


Bruce Bochy needed an extension to file his taxes because he attempted to deduct the purchase of new cleats as a business expense.....