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SnakeBytes, 7/13: Frazier punches above his weight

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Yeah, i had my qualms but think the changes to the Home-Run Derby can only be described as a ringing success, Todd Frazier beating Joc Pederson with 20 seconds to spare in the final last night. Now, tonight, it's the game that "matters"...

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We dealt Baxter to the Phillies for Papelbon and a child to be named later.
We dealt Baxter to the Phillies for Papelbon and a child to be named later.
Frank Victores-USA TODAY Sports
Team News

[] Goldschmidt, Pollock glad to share ASG stage - "He definitely deserves it. It's awesome for him, and I'm happy to be here with him," Goldschmidt said of Pollock. "I wouldn't be here if it weren't for how good he is playing this year. With him hitting first or second and me hitting third, he makes my job way easier." Pollock, naturally, isn't so sure. "He's lying!" Pollock laughed. "He would be here, 100 percent. He's a great teammate. I've been with him a long time. I've been playing ball with him since Double-A. He's a good guy to talk baseball with."

[FOX Sports] Goldschmidt batting cleanup in All-Star Game - Paul Goldschmidt bats third for the Diamondbacks but he'll get a chance to clean up for the National League in Tuesday night's All-Star Game. Goldschmidt is batting fourth in manager Bruce Bochy's lineup, between the Nationals' Bryce Harper and the Giants' Buster Posey. Goldschmidt also hit fourth in last year's All-Star Game, when we was 0 for 3.

[Arizona Sports] ESPN's Aaron Boone: D-backs' Paul Goldschmidt on 'historically great' run - ESPN analyst and former major leaguer Aaron Boone told Doug and Wolf of Arizona Sports 98.7 FM that Goldschmidt isn't earning enough national attention. "Not even close," Boone said Monday. "He's Miguel Cabrera right now at his best, only with the ability to steal bases, being a plus defender at first base. He's a great, great player on a historically great run right now."

[AZ Central] Slumping Chris Owings contributing on the bases - Asked about his proficiency on the bases this season – his steal on Saturday night gave him 11 stolen bases in 12 attempts as the Diamondbacks enter the All-Star break – second baseman Chris Owings resorted to a little gallows humor. "I'm well-rested, man," he said. "I haven't been on the bases a lot."

[] Huang rises to stage in Futures Game - Almost a year ago, Wei-Chieh Huang was pitching in obscurity at a famous college in Taiwan. On Sunday, he suited up for the World and shined. "In some ways, the game is not much different than Taiwan, but the pace here is so much faster," Huang, 21, said. "I'm motivated to keep up." Huang retired the only two batters he faced in the fourth inning with a steady dose of changeups and fastballs in the 90-92 mph range.

[AZ Central] Diamondbacks 1st half: good surprises, bad surprises and what wasn't surprising at all - With the first half of the 2015 season in the books, the Diamondbacks proved themselves to be surprisingly competitive, finally reaching .500 for the first time in months before dropping three games against the New York Mets heading into the All-Star break.

And, elsewhere...

[CBSSports] Todd Frazier wins Home Run Derby with rousing finish - Baseball always has had the best All-Star game. But the Home Run Derby never matched the enjoyment level that skills competitions in other sports could muster. What happened Monday night at Great American Ball Park changed that, particularly in the final round when hometown guy Todd Frazier of the Reds overcame Joc Pederson of the Dodgers with a climax as exhilarating as any Michael Jordan free-throw line takeoff dunk, or Larry Bird 3-point flourish (including the "money" ball).

[ESPN] Major League Baseball moving closer to finalizing new domestic violence policy - Major League Baseball is moving closer to a new domestic violence policy for the sport, a source familiar with the negotiations told ESPN on Monday. Representatives from the Major League Baseball Players Association and the commissioner's office have been trading drafts and working on specific language toward an agreement, the source said. The two sides have talked extensively to representatives from domestic violence groups to better craft a comprehensive policy.

[AP] MLB teams increase international spending, seeking edge - The 30 clubs committed $160m to 801 international amateurs from July 2 last year through June 15, up from $95m in the 2013-14 signing season, according to MLB. Five teams owe most of the money: the Red Sox ($36.1m), Yankees ($15.9m), Diamondbacks ($7.9m), Angels ($7.3m) and Tampa Bay Rays ($3.4m). "Unfortunately, I think that the increased flow of talent from Cuba has stressed that system, and it hasn't done as well in response to that stress," Commissioner Rob Manfred said. "It hasn't quite worked the way that we thought it would."

[Reddit] A survey for each state's most HATED major-league team - two questions, take you about 10 seconds to do. I won't tell you who to vote for. I will LeAve that to you. :)