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The Week in Diamondbacks Tweets

A pitcher returned, a shortstop was chosen and the roof was surprisingly open... See a good Tweet this week? Re-Tweet it @AZSnakePit for consideration!

@dmarsenault33, via Twitter

Tweet of the Week

Honorable mentions

I guess he must be a submarine pitcher... Hey, guess they could use him in Colorado, with all the rain delays!

The Games in Diamondback Tweets

Diamondbacks 7, Atlanta 6

Diamondbacks 9, Atlanta 8

Diamondbacks 2, Mets 6

Diamondbacks 7, Mets 2

Diamondbacks 2, Mets 1

Diamondbacks 3, Mets 6

Diamondbacks 3, Dodgers 9

The week in McCarthy Tweets

A "watching other sports" edition