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Diamondbacks 7, Mets 2: Das Boot-cap

Solid hitting and solid pitching? Madness?

Rick Scuteri-USA TODAY Sports
Why Das Boot theme?  Because I can.

beer boot

Das beer is coming!!!!!!!!!!

Beer 1:   Velvet Imperial Pale by San Tan
  • I love smoked beers.   LOVE.  When done in a more intense manner the beer is liquid bacon, which is awesome.  This is far more smooth than that, but the smokiness of the malt is there indeed.
  • Trumbo trade has come and gone and I'm pleased.  Any move that ensures our future pieces get more AB's (Tomas & Lamb) is a good thing in my book.  Were we a competing team with no time to develop young talent, then we're talking about something completely different.  Not now though.  The  youth movement is in full affect.
  • Bad Hellickson alllmmmmoooostttt reared his ugly head in the first, but a ground-out and a double play later he gets out of the 1st with no blood given.  I'll take it.
  • I keep forgetting the All Star Game is upon us.  You best all be sure to stuff those ballot boxes with Goldy and Pollock votes.  Just the thought of Goldy not getting in sends me into a blind rage.
  • Seriously, if Bryce Harper wasn't killing opposing pitching like Hannibal Lecter right now Goldy would be the hands down MVP for the NL
  • Just as I was saying "Hellickson had a good first innn......" he gives up a solo shot.  Granted Cuddyer had to reach WAYYYYY outside the zone for it, but he got it.  Sigh.
  • 0-1 going into the bottom of the 2nd and despite the solo shot Hellickson looks OK.  Perhaps that's just the beer talking.........
  • Still 0-1 after the third.  Tomas with yes another single.  Seriously.  What the heck is going on.  I was promised power and a high strike-out rate, but instead I get all the singles.


"It's hopeless, we'll never score a run."

Beer 2:  Southern Hemisphere Harvest IPA by Sierra Nevada
  • Mmmmm  IPA.  Fresh hopped at that, and made with Southern Hemisphere hops.  Nom nom nom nom.
  • Hellickson once again shows shades of bad and good.   Luckily he gets out of the top of the 3rd without much trouble, but you gotta wonder.....
  • Papago, a land of mystical beer wonder.  A perfect place after a long and glorious week of work.  Papago Jerry mumbling advice on Dbacks hitting.  Quiet Erick being quiet.  Good times.
  • Pollock comes through and the Mets make the damage worse than what it needed to be:  1-1 with Pollock at 2nd, but Goldy just can't quite come through to put a crooked number on the board.  Still, he's my MVP
  • Dammit.  1-2 Mets as Hellickson gives up another tough run.  He's still hanging in there, but our bats NEED to show up and soon.


'Those bats.  They're out there somewhere...."

Beer 3:  Older Viscosity Imperial Barrel Aged Stout by Port Brewing Co.
  • As the name implies this beer is black as midnight and strong as steel.  Yet the barrel aging keeps it smooth as silk.  Strong chocolates notes with a bit of bourbon.  God this is awesome.
  • Our offense obviously doesn't want to listen to me.  1-2-3 go the Dbacks and it's still 1-2 Mets after four.
  • Jerry, he of the long white beard, finally braided it in a very Viking way.  Seriously, if I had a beard that went down below my chest I'd braid the heck out of it.  These are the kind of goofy people that exist at Papago.  Like Mos Eisley Catina, but with disc golfers, engineers and programers.
  • Getting distracted, dammit.  Too much beer and too many bar locals.
  • Apparently we're still down, but I have faith as Ender comes up to bat at the bottom of the 6th.  Faith spring eternal in the minds of blind Dback fans
  • Hope is fading as Ender strikes out, but Pollock gets a slick ground-rule double and Lord Goldy drives him in.  As per usual.  Truly he is the 1st basemen of first basemen
  • Tomas!!!!   Breaks his unending streak of singles and cashes in on a double.  3-2 Dbacks!!!!

das bats!

Das Bats!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Beer 4:  Sour in the Rye by The Bruery
  • An appropriately named beer for this game.  Sours usually aren't by thing, but they are gradually growing on me.  Definitely a palate cleanser to say the least.
  • After the 7th our heroes are still up.  Wouldn't mind some insurance runs though....
  • Please let this game end.  I got a nice cigar with my name on it waiting for me, and smoking laws in PHX don't allow me to light up in bars.  Grrrrr.
  • Inciarte you magnificent son of a bitch!   I read your book!!!!!
  • 4-2 after Pollock, Goldy's rival, hits a clutch double.  YESSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Double steals.  All the double steals.  Men on 3rd and 2nd........never mind that.  Bases JUICED!!!!! 
  • Hills up to bat.....ughhhhhhhh

good tmex2

Good times....

Beer 5:  Hop Box by Joseph James Brewery
  • An Epic IPA for an epic at bat.  Hill, the much loathed/liked is up to bat.  Many wonder when his trade will go down.  Hopefully sooner than later.
  • Hill defies my hate and gets a Texas-leaguer.  Now it's 5-2 and I feel just a bit better about this game.
  • Owings with the sacrifice RBI, and God Emperor Goldy scores:  6-2 Dbacks
  • Loving this inning!!!!  Wild pitch scores Peralta (bases loaded).  Good times as it's now 7-2 Dbacks
  • Good time.  Dbacks come back with a vengeance.  YESSS!.  No more writing/drinking.

[Bells and whistles, by Jim]

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Das Boot-meister: A.J. Pollock, +21.7%
Crewmen: Tomas, +19.4%; Hudson, +12.1%; Goldschmidt, -10.8%
You sunk my battleship! Aaron Hill, -12.5%

Over 500 comments, not bad for a Friday night - even a wet one! DbacksSkins led the way, ahead of GuruB and preston.salisbury, with the following also present: AzRattler, BrokeNBattleX, DeadmanG, Diamondhacks, GODSCHMIDT, Jim McLennan, JoeCB1991, MrMrrbi, PhxSunsFan4Life, SongBird, Xerostomia, asteroid, bbtng, benhat, ford.williams.10, freeland1787, gamepass, hotclaws, onedotfive, shoewizard, since_98, soco and xmet. Comment of the night to 'Hacks, probably the first time ever to include an F-bomb. I'll let it slide, just this once. :)

We reconvene tomorrow night - 7:10pm first pitch - at Chase for the third game, which sees Bartolo Colon take on Chase Anderson.