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Dave Stewart and Mark Trumbo discuss the trade

After the news broke concerning Mark Trumbo's trade to Seattle, both the player and Diamondbacks' manager Dave Stewart, took questions from the media.

Christian Petersen/Getty Images
Dave Stewart

  • With Tuffy going down, we were in a situation where we really needed to do something.
  • Yasmany swinging the bat as well as he is, we really needed to open up space for him.
  • You guys have heard me say it many times, [Trumbo] is a player I have no interest in moving. He's one of my favorite players.
  • Seattle repeatedly expressed interest in him. Sometimes you get to a point where the timing is right.
  • Tomas is going to play some right-field and some third-base. Maybe some left.
  • This will allow Pacheco to be our utility guy.
  • Not expecting Oscar Hernandez back until July.
  • Welington, even when we made the trade with Chicago, was not in the discussion when we traded with them.
  • Seattle in the hunt for another starting pitcher, asked if Nuno was available.
  • Leone will be with the major-league club.
  • Guerrero's upside is tremendous.
  • It came together in the past three days. The combination of our needs, both at the big league level and in the minors, it made sense.
Mark Trumbo

  • I knew it was a possibility, but it's a bit of a shock.
  • You hear things. You do your best to block it out, but if there's rumors of things happening, there's probably some truth to it.
  • Doesn't know what position he will be playing in Seattle.
  • I literally don't know anything, other than when I'll be flying.
  • I feel like we've had an absolute blast here, it's been a ton of fun.
  • I've tried to be the player that I am. Some teams find that attractive, some people might not. I just try to be me, and give a good effort, each and every day.

[Audio courtesy of Arizona Diamondbacks]