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All the opinions on Chase Field's design

Look at all these Michael Kimmelmans.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Chase Field never lists very high on "best ballpark" lists, usually because it's a bit weird. Not Marlins Stadium weird, but it's not like all the other retro jewel-box ballparks that were built after Camden Yards opened. Of course, if the Diamondbacks had built a retro stadium, they would have been mocked for in-authenticity, as evidenced by the Astros removing their centerfield hill.

Chase Field gets compared to a lot of things, but it's not usually a ballpark. Let's run down all things people think Chase Field looks like (as found through a thorough Google search):

  • A prison
  • A hangar
  • A warehouse
  • A giant toaster
  • A drawbridge
  • A big cardboard box
  • Disneyland of baseball (???)
  • Dodger Stadium East

Ouch, that last one is a sick burn. I know Chase Field has its problems, but it's not that bad, is it?

What do you think Chase Field looks like?