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Dbacks 5, Rockies 10

This game was going so well, and then... it wasn't anymore. The Dbacks got three runs in the second to give themselves an early lead, and despite Coors Field doing its thing and giving out home runs like the pushy old ladies at Sam's Club give out free samples, they kept that lead intact through the fifth inning.

In the fifth, though, a combination of Chase Anderson having a really, really bad inning and Coors Field killed any chances the Dbacks had at winning this game. An RBI double and then a single tied the game. The killing blow came courtesy of a three run home run off the bat of Wilin Rosario. Both teams added to their totals in the later innings, but it didn't really mean anything.

In the end, the Dbacks failed to scale Mount .500. This is their 10th attempt, and their 10th failure. To be honest, this is starting to look like me trying to beat Hero Mode on Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. Hopefully, they figure it out, because I never did beat that game...