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Infield Chatter Episode 18

We talked little baseball. Considering yesterday, this might actually be a good thing and cleanse your palette.

Let's peek behind the curtain a little. I have a weirdish work schedule, and I try to plan our podcast recordings around that. We've generally tried to do Fridays, but sometimes I can't do Fridays and have to do Sundays and do a really quick edit. So the episode before this we recorded on Sunday. This time around, Friday worked best for everyone, so we did that. Thing is, between then and now, it was those four games against the Angels, and we really didn't have much to say in the big picture about that, so we went off topic a bit with the occasional foray into baseball.

I am not apologizing for that, because this episode is amazing, and considering the angst you're probably feeling about the Touki trade, listening to three dudes bullshit a bit about  fun and random topics might be the thing that can cheer you up. Some of the things mentioned:

  • Shadowrun
  • Baseball games are like Moby Dick, Golf games are like Atlas Shrugged
  • I go deep into my recap process
  • Devin gives his opinion on ProStars, since he missed last week. Joseph Campbell is name-dropped
  • The California drought
  • One of the panelists announces his run for President with an non-traditional platform.
As always, download here, stream below