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Diamondbacks need to win at home

Look, sometimes you realize at 5:15am that you have an article due later that day.

Rick Scuteri-USA TODAY Sports

If you've gone to a game at Chase Field this year, you've probably noticed the Diamondbacks aren't very good at home. They currently sport an 11-14 record, which isn't spectacularly awful, but it's also worse than their road record.

Last year the Diamondbacks were bad at home, but they were also bad on the road. The difference, though, is that even if Arizona was terrible last year at Chase Field, it was still marginally better than the road record. We should generally expect a better home record than road.

So what's going on?

A lot of it is probably it's only June 2nd, but hey, I needed to write about something. A certain amount of it is who the Diamondbacks have had a chance to play. Playing on the road against the Rockies, Brewers, and Marlins is going to help anyone, and they should have been able to improve their record even further against the Phillies. Likewise they've played better teams at home, such as the Nationals, Pirates, and Giants.

One would have presumed that having Atlanta in town would improve the home record, even with the Braves surprising record, but we all saw what happened last night. Still, there's 2 more games against the Braves, and upcoming home series against the Padres and Rockies.

If the Diamondbacks could figure out how to win at home, they might be able to actually make a push for a Wild Card spot. Wouldn't that be something?