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Dbacks 1, Angels 4

Jeremy Hellickson had a great game tonight. Six innings, only four hits, six strikeouts, and only one walk. In the end, he ended up just being beat by two of the best in the game. He walked Mike Trout, hardly something you can fault him for, and gave up a home run to Albert Pujols. As one person put it in the GDT, if you do that, you can just add your name to the list.

It was really the offense that killed the team's chances tonight. They left the bases loaded in the first inning. They only scored one run with runners on the corners in the second inning. They left runners on first and second with one out in the fourth inning. If you're going to do that, you aren't going to win many ballgames.

Also not helping was the strikezone in the later parts of the game. Randell Delgado couldn't get a strike call to save his life in the eighth, and David Freese made him pay, hitting a two-run home run to give the Angels their final score of 4-2. Full recap to follow.