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Infield Chatter Episode 17

Control is an illusion, free will is a lie, so yes I am going to talk about that no-hitter out loud

No Devin this week, because traffic (seriously), so that's two weeks without being whole, but me and soco have a good discussion of the following things:

  • Why using the transitive property for sports (especially football, where it's used the most often) is silly, as a way to explain why the Diamondbacks might not be good against the Dodgers but great against the Giants
  • LolGlendale
  • We briefly talk about the cartoon ProStars which yes was a real thing
  • Me (A UA grad) and soco (an ASU grad) bridge the gap between our peoples as to how some of the narratives of the UA-ASU rivalry are dumb.
  • Maybe we should have all pumped the brakes on the Padres a bit
  • We talk about how reacting to MLB draft picks right after they happen is an exercise is knee-jerkidness, which eventually leads me to a rant about sound editing.
As always, download here, stream below