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The Wild Card: Diamondbacks Team Tournament Semi-Finals

Who makes the finals? I dunno. Actually I do, but you don't.

So a little late today. Apologies, because I've been really busy all week.

"But you got off work early Monday and had all of this morning to do."


Anyway, here are the results of the Semi-Finals for this tournament. Enjoy as you will

2001 Diamondbacks: 1, 2011 Diamondbacks: 0

At the SkyDome in Toronto (because why not), a game started by Josh Collmenter and Brian Anderson was a pitcher's duel (as one would expect). Through six innings neither team had scored a run and had two hits. In the 7th, Mark Grace drove in Luis Gonzalez on a groundout to make it 1-0 2001. That was the only run scored. Greg Swindell, of all people, recorded the save in the 9th. 2001 makes the final round where they will face...

2007 Diamondbacks: 3, 1999 Diamondbacks: 2

2007 got the scoring off quickly in the 3rd with an Orlando Hudson single and a two-run Mark Reynolds RBI double off of Andy Benes. 1999 got one back in the 5th on a home run by Damian Miller off of Micah Owings. A Steve Finley triple and a Travis Lee single brought 1999 to within one in the 7th. Andy Fox followed with a single, but Lee decided to go from second to third on a shallow single to left and had a virtual TOOTBLAN. 1999 got the tying run on third with two outs in the 9th (because Brandon Lyon was in for the save, because why wouldn't he be?), but Andy Fox flew out ending the game.

So here we are, the #1 seed vs #2 seed. I didn't actually expect that to happen, given 2007's, uh, flukiness, but here we are. Perhaps computers can detect magic (or because they were the 2 seed they got favorable matchups and faced 1999s third best pitcher. Potato potato)

So next week, 2001 vs. 2007. I have a vague idea in my head for something special that I hope will come to fruition. Stay tuned!