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D-backs themed episode of “Time Traveling with Brian Unger” tonight

There's a D-backs-themed episode of the Travel Channel show “Time Traveling with Brian Unger”, debuting tonight.

The series looks at iconic landmarks and events in a new way, revealing historical details many never knew occurred. This week's episode sees the show travel to Salt River Fields at Talking Stick, and uses some CGI graphics to recreate what it could have looked like 1,000 years ago. I'm just guessing, but suspect they'll find parking was less of an issue. Unger, along with MLB Network’s Eric Byrnes, Luis Gonzalez and four D-backs fans will also recreate an ancient Native American ballgame that was played by the Hohokam people, and discover the Cubs sucked back then as well.

I may have made the last bit up. Or not. Anyway, check out Travel Channel tonight: my guide (Cox) shows it on at 10pm, so you should be able to fit in nicely after tonight's Braves' game (unless that ends up running 17 innings as well!), but check with your provider for specifics.