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SnakePit Fantasy Baseball Week 8

Paul Goldschmidt had a good week. But it wasn't the best in baseball, by quite some way....

Josh Donaldson had six home-runs this week. That's not bad...
Josh Donaldson had six home-runs this week. That's not bad...
Brad Rempel-USA TODAY Sports
Week 8 results

AZ SnakePit 7, Mizzoula Osprey 2
AZ took all five pitching points, with Rodney notching a W and two Sv, Their offense piled up 15 home-runs, with Arenado and Frazier each getting four. Trumbo got three HR for Mizzoula, and Liriano struck out 11, but R and SB proved their only successes as their struggled continued.

MyWieterGetzLongoria 6, Alabama Slammers 4
Wieter edged Slammers mostly thanks to Hitter of the Week Donaldson, who had six home-runs and drove in 11, with McCann adding four HR, as they hit a collective .317. Pujols had three HR for Alabama, who came back on the mound, with Elias getting a W + 9 K, but fell short.

Angry Saguaro 8, Dirk Ziegler 2
The loss sent Ziegler into the cellar of the league, with HR and RBI their sole points; Pedroia went deep twice. Otherwise, Angry proved unstoppable, with a team ERA of 2.56, while Betances notched nine K and Robertson picked up a Win and a Save. Abreu had six RBI as well.

Smell the Glove 3, Trail-Hitters 7
Leafers Trail cruised to victory after sweeping hitting, led by four home-runs apiece from Duda and Davis, Stanton adding three. Smell got two from Cespedes, but were blown away on offense, though got two W from Colon and three Sv by Casilla. Street matched the latter for Trail.

Socrates Burritos 5, Yasmany as Possible 5
The first of two ties this week, saw Socrates take HR and W by one, to scratch out a tie. Gattis led their offense with two HR and six RBI, while Belt got three HR for Yasmany. Possible also edged pitching, with Sale getting a W and 12 K, and had a team ERA of a hair above two.

CGS 5, Rougned Hodor 5
Also unable to be split was this contest, CGS had a clear edge in hitting, Fielder's two HR and six RBI the margin in each category, despite Seager posting the same for Rougned. But Hodor got three Saves each by Melancon, Clippard and Britton, CGS countering with a W + two Sv from Chapman.

Waffles 4, What the Hellickson? 6
Something of a surprise here, Hellickson clearing up hitting, then just holding on to take K's and the overall game. They got a trio of home-runs from Goldschmidt, as well as three Saves by Perkins, but Waffles got a W and 13 K from Scherzer, with Axford and Tolleson also saving three.

Rank Team W-L-T Pct GB Last Waiver Moves
1 Trail-Hitters 54-22-4 .700 - 7-3-0 5 13
2 MyWieterGetzLongoria 44-28-8 .600 8 6-4-0 7 4
3 Rougned Hodor 44-32-4 .575 10 5-5-0 12 14
4 AZ SnakePit 42-33-5 .556 11.5 7-2-1 4 7
5 Angry Saguaro 40-37-3 .519 14.5 8-2-0 10 12
Alabama Slammers 39-36-5 .519 14.5 4-6-0 1 24
7 CGS 39-37-4 .513 15 5-5-0 8 18
8 Socrates Burritos 36-40-4 .475 18 5-5-0 11 13
9 Yasmany as Possible 35-41-4 .463 19 5-5-0 2 4
10 Waffles 34-42-4 .450 20 4-6-0 9 23
11 What the Hellickson? 33-44-3 .431 21.5 6-4-0 13 16
12 Smell the Glove 31-43-6 .425 22 3-7-0 6 4
13 Mizzoula Osprey 29-46-5 .394 24.5 2-7-1 3 17
14 Dirk Ziegler 29-48-3 .381 25.5 2-8-0 14 8
Week 8 games

AZ SnakePit vs. CGS
MyWieterGetzLongoria vs. Mizzoula Osprey
Angry Saguaro vs. Alabama Slammers
Smell the Glove vs. Dirk Ziegler
Socrates Burritos vs. Trail-Hitters
Waffles vs. Rougned Hodor
What the Hellickson? vs. Yasmany as Possible

The ESPN game of the week is Angry Saguaro vs. Alabama Slammers, pitting two teams against each other, who have basically the same win percentage so far. They occupy the last two playoff spots, but are only half a point ahead of the seventh-placed side, so there's no margin for slip-ups. Adrian Gonzalez had been the Saguaros top player to date, while the Slammers have leaned heavily on Felix Hernandez.