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Pit Your Wits: Week 6

I kind of struck out, I think with last week's idea... Only two people submitted entries. Well, let's see who they were!

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In first place, and moving into second place in the standings, we have preston.salisbury with this scorching... er... ice cold take

This ISNT a #HOTTAKE! It was hot, but it got cold in the time it took Jeremy Hellikson to pitch an inning!!!!!! JUST ONE INNINGAND IT WAS HIS FASTEST ALL YEAR~!!!!!!!! But the only thing slower is Yasmany Tomas’s bat. DO you even pull, bro? And his baserunning?!? I waited in line, bought and ice cream cone, and had it melt before he got to first base on that last double play SPeaking of double plays, has Ziegler induced a single double play all year? Get it, a SINGLE double play?? You know who doesn’t ground into double plays? JAKE LAMB! All he does is hit grand slams, or did, before that fake injury the FO made up to bench him #baseballilluminati. I’m sure its because #affirmativeaction makes them play that Mexican Tomas in front of him. Told you they just wanted our jobs!!!!!!! They need to #FireKT now and fix this mess1!

In second, we have a joint, and possibly unwilling, effort between TheGoldenSombrero and ford.williams.10!

would like to enter ford.williams.10 for this gem:

I couldn’t agree more. Problem is the type of scouting catchers are getting.

It is the herd mentality. If a scout puts his neck our on a kid that can simply hit, but not catch, on what basis?

Catching isn’t all that difficult. You just have to have the mentality of a linebacker in that contact isn’t your enemy. It is your friend because it tells you that you are doing your job.

You just need really good communication skills, good eye to hand reflexes and an aptitude towards leadership.

Then it is practice, practice, practice.

But the hardest part is hitting. Can you shut off the defense and focus on your offense quickly?

I don’t know how many ex-catchers are scouts for the dbacks. I’ll be curious to see how they dig themselves out of this one.

If that ain’t a #HOTTAKE, I must not understand the concept.


- DbacksSkins

And that's it... And here are the updated standings!









Jim McLennan-3




This week, I'm going with something fairly simple... Or is it? I want you to explain the game of baseball as if you were talking to someone who has never seen or heard of the game before. Post your explanations and rec the ones you like. Go!