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Diamondbacks 5, Padres 6: Conan theme activate!

Let me tell you of days of high adventure!

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Record: 13-15. Pace: 75-87. Change on 2014: +5


Beer 1: Nitro Old Chub Scotch Ale by Oskar Blues
  • Old Chub is normally not served on nitro, but Oskar blues recently started canning a version on Nitro. A nitro mix, versus a CO2 mix, gives the beer more of a creamy taste and mouth feel. In this case it's like having a caramel milk shake. Good way to kick off the weekend.
  • Decided to go with the Conan theme today. Why? Because I can.
  • Crom, laughs at Hellickson's pitches. He laughs from his mountain. Seriously, this guy can't throw a good 1st inning.
  • Crom is pleased. Hellickson must have sensed my trash talking as he strikes out Kemp and gets Jupton to ground into a double play. All after allowing the first two batters to get on. Madness
  • Shields does what Shields does and cuts through the top of the order. 0-0 after the 1st.
  • Bob Brenly plays the guitar? By Crom.........
  • Ouch, and just when Hellickson was looking like he was settling in. I can live with a solo shot though. 0-1 Padres
  • Owings!!!!! Apparently he know the riddle of steel. Two run bomb makes this a 2-1 game.


Thulsa Doom is a big Dbacks fan. Fun fact.

Beer 2: Imperial IPA by Upslope Brewing
  • What? You thought I would have a beercap without an IPA. Nope.
  • Not the best of innings for Hellickson, but the damage is limited. 2-2 going into the bottom of the 3rd.
  • May Crom have mercy on his soul. Nut shot to Padres catcher. Even Conan might buckle under such a blow.
  • Shields makes things a bit interesting, but Peralta was unable to make it happen with two runners on the pond. Let him contemplate this on the tree of woe. 2-2 after the 3rd.
  • Hill makes a heroic play to stop one hell of a hit, but can't quite gun down Venable at home plate. Plays like that make me want Hill traded just a bit less.
  • Hellickson just keeps falling apart bit by bit. Not all at once mind you, but it just feels like he can't establish himself. 2-5 and still in the 5th with only one out.
  • On a side note, who among you readers doesn't like Conan the Barbarian? No finer film and no finer character.

two snake

Ladies and Gentlemen: Your 2015 Dbacks

Beer 3: Java Stout by Bells Brewing
  • I love coffee. LOVE IT! Funny, because once upon of time my caffeine of choice was tea. No more! This beer is alcoholic coffee and it's delicious. Coffee and chocolate flavors are very strong with this one.
  • "Enough talk!" AJ Pollock crushes a homer into Right and we got ourselves just a bit closer to the friars. 3-5 Padres


Yes, I know this is not the correct scene for the quote.

  • Hellickson is done, no surprise, but lets see if our bullpen can keep things close...
  • Much anger, Such Kemp. Still 3-5, as Delgado barely gets out of danger in the 6th as Kemp weakly pops out and then breaks his bat like a twig.
  • Goldy ends the life of that ball! Just killed it.....then Peralta does the same!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 5-5 !!!!!
  • Tomas, as it has been written in the Scrolls of Skelix, is due for a HR.
  • Apparently not just yet as Tomas gets a walk. Seriously, did any of us see him being a good contact hitter who didn't strike out?
  • Tomas though, who has never missed a meal in his life, gets a steal!!!!! Madness
  • Can't capitalize on 2 runners on with no outs, but we still have a tie game. I R Happy.

conan drink

This bullpen drives a man to drink....

Beer Mead 4: Vanilla Bean and Cinnamon Stick mead by Redstone Meadery
  • Crom how I love mead. Nectar of the gods indeed. Think dessert wine with a distinct honey flavor and you got mead. Good stuff and the same stuff your barbarian ancestors loved. Oldest fermented beverage on Earth.
  • Bullpen likes living dangerously, and gets bitten. It could have been much worse though...... 5-6 Padres going into the bottom of the 7th.
  • CHALLENGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! "Not on my watch!" Says Chip
  • Despite a good challenge we just can't things even in the 7th. Sigh. I need more mead.
  • Mead pays off as Trumbo guns down Myers at 2nd. Trumbo is no defensive god, but Myers really should have thought twice about stretching out that play.
  • Ziegler does what's needed of him as I listen to Cliffs of Dover by Eric Johnson. Majestic
  • Going into the 9th with much mead, but not enough runs...... 5-6 Padres
  • Going into the bottom of the 9th down by one. So you're saying there's a chance.
  • "Crom, I have never prayed to you before. I have no tongue for it. No one, not even you, will remember if we were good men or bad. Why we fought, or why we died. All that matters is that two stood against many. That's what's important! Valor pleases you, Crom... so grant me one request. Grant me revenge! And if you do not listen, then to HELL with you!"
  • To hell with Crom apparently. Sigh
Bells and whistles, by Jim

Fangraphs chart
[Click for details, at]
Conan the Barbarian: Paul Goldschmidt, +8.8%
Conan the Librarian: Jeremy Hellickson, -34.5%
Dead Sonjas: Burgos, -14.0%; Trumbo, -13.2%

Over 600 comments in the Gameday Thread, which isn't bad for a Friday night at all. James Attwood topped the charts, ahead of JoeCB1991 and preston.salisbury, with the following also taking part: AzRattler, BIGredmc, DbacksSkins, DeadmanG, Fangdango, GuruB, JT9422, Jim McLennan, JoelPre, Makakilo, MrMrrbi, Nate Rowan, SenSurround, Speechless12, Sprankton, TucsonPete, Xipooo, Zavada's Moustache, asteroid, bbtng, coldblueAZ, dzuch, ford.williams.10, hotclaws, imstillhungry95, onedotfive, shoewizard and soco. preston picks up Comment of the Night for this pithy profundity on pace (Hellickson glacial division):

The third game in the series takes place at the same venue tomorrow night: hopefully it'll be both slightly quicker and warmer! Chase Anderson starts for us, going up against Chase Anderson.