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Diamondbacks 11, Padres 0: Diamondbacks are Doubly Tuff Enuff

The first Throwback Thursday(TM) is a success as the Diamondbacks bats stay woke in a blowout over the Padres

Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Ahhh, Throwback Thursday. Normally just an excuse to post a photo from High School on your instagram. You look at a photo and say to nobody in particular:

"Boy, wonder what happened to Stephanie Wilson?"

"She joined a cult and she goes by the name 'Bringer of the Blood Dawn' now. Here's a photo of her in a blood-stained robe with someone else's disembodied arm."

"Huh, guess I shouldn't be surprised.... She looks good, though."

However, for the Diamondbacks, this has a different connotation. This season was the first where they would wear the old Purple and Teal vest uniforms with the stripes and whatnot. If tonight was any indication, they may want to wear those uniforms every game. Because it's obvious that was the cause of this lopsided game, nothing else. I am a rational human.

Rubby De La Rosa faced Odrisamer Despaigne, the latter being an owner of the Diamondbacks in recent starts and the former coming off a shaky outing in Los Angeles. De La Rosa was not shaky, and Despaigne did not own the Diamondbacks! What a twist!

The Diamondbacks struck in the first inning when Mark Trumbo hit his 4th Home Run of the season to make it 1-0. Following that, David Peralta and Yasmany Tomas got singles with two outs. Peralta scored on a passed ball by Padres catcher Derek Norris to make it 2-0. Chris Owings followed with an RBI single to make it 3-0. Tuffy Gosewisch hit a double into no-man's land in Left Field which allowed Owings to score to make it 4-0. It was Tuffy's first extra base hit of the season, and of the night (Foreshadowing!)

A 5-0 lead was procured off of Paul Goldschmidt's 7th dinger of the season in the 3rd. In the same inning, Tuffy decided that one double wasn't enough so he did it again to score David Peralta to make it 6-0. You think he was done at that point? Nope! In the 5th, Tuffy had ANOTHER double in the 5th that scored two more runs to make it 8-0.

Some might say that the signing of Senor Salty lit a fire under Tuffy's behind and caused him to hit three doubles, but that would be buying into an easily digestible narrative and that causation doesn't equal correlation etc. etc. Some might say that, but that's no fun. (Some might say, we will find a brighter day as well.)

Three more runs were scored by the Diamondbacks in the game. Goldy doubled in a run, Peralta singled one in, and Cliff Pennington had an RBI groundout to bring the tally to 11-0.

De La Rosa did quite well. His line for the night was 7 IP, 3 H, 0 R, 2 BB, 7 K, a good bounce back from his bad start last time out. We shall see if this carries over to his next outing. Daniel Hudson and Evan Marshall mopped up the rest of the game to preserve the shutout.

There was a scary moment for Padres First Baseman Yonder Alonso in the 8th, when diving for a ball, he clutched his right shoulder in pain and had to go out of the game. He had been hitting well for the Padres this year, and had struggled with injuries before. No info is known on the extent of the injury at this

This is also the first three-game winning streak this season, so that's nice. Maybe it can turn to four? I know, I know, don't fly too close to the sun, Icarus.

Source: FanGraphs

Throwback: De La Rosa, + 15.4%, Peralta, +11.0%, Gosewisch, +10.7%
Throw Up: Ender Inciarte, -3%

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Here is your COTN

Justin Upton Striking out on a pitch outside of the zone

it really is throwback Thursday

Tomorrow, it's back to boring ol' Sedona Red. But, the possibility of wailing on the Padres again is still in the air, so that's nice.