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D-backs versus Padres - Series Preview

Beaches versus Beeches, Air Force Town versus Navy Town, Justin's current versus his ex.....

The Padres did this a LOT yesterday against the Giants
The Padres did this a LOT yesterday against the Giants
Bob Stanton-USA TODAY Sports

The Pads are busy enjoying the rarities of being an above .500 club at this point in the season for what seems like an eternity.  With competent pitching and a new offensively orientated outfield, they were the darlings of the off-season capturing mouse clicks and quickie segments on the televised universe of all things baseball.  Now, a month into the season, while there are certainly some surprises, the Padres have been not as awesome as promised but also they are still playing competent baseball.

Their retooling madness is more along the lines of Extreme Home Makeover rather than the D-Back's Flip or Flop methodology, we shall see at the end of the season which method had any inherent value or if both teams are still gnashing their teeth at those pesky proponents of hardball in the greater Los Angeles Basin... but enough about the Angels.

We get them for four games in the friendly confines of Chase Field and as expected in the SSS of our lives, there's not a lot to glean from the tea leaves (or coffee grinds or beer backwash for that matter).  They are 5-5 in their last 10 and 6-7 on the road.  The lack of trends from which to extrapolate anything other than mediocre is somewhat disturbing.

The Band Aid Brigade

The Padres do have some players with some owwies: