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Diamondbacks 7, Brewers 2: Summer is Coming - A Game of Beers

The Time of Beers is at Hand

Mike McGinnis/Getty Images

Record: 23-25. Pace: 78-84. Change on 2014: +5.

Beer 1:  Deer Lord Altbier by Historic Brewing Co.
  • Well, summer has finally reared its ugly head and like the tough fool I am I chose to peddle over to Papago for this.  Ughhh.  Luckily an Altbier is perfect to help cool myself down to optimal levels.
  • Been a couple weeks since I last did a beercap, and the Dbacks certainly seem to be playing a bit better.  Still below .500 but Ahmed's bat has awoken (a bit) and Tomas, despite showing no power, just plain gets on base.  ALL.  THE.  TIME.  The teams looks like it's going in the right direction, now we just need pitching to catch up.
  • Star Wars night/day at Miller Park and the Force is certainly strong with Goldy.  Didn't know he practically owns Miller Park pitching; averaging .462 in his career.  First hit of the game of course goes to jedi Goldy, but it's the only one of that inning.
  • Just noticed that Gomez's batting stance makes him look like he has to pee real bad.  That made me laugh, and must have made him mad as he smokes a single into center field.  Hellickson in true Hellicksonian form it seems.
  • Hellickson seems to be living dangerously, but luckily only allows one run in the 1st.  Let us pray he improves as this game goes on......  0-1 Brewers after the 1st.
Beer 2:  Black IPA by Santa Fe Brewing
  • LOVE THIS BEER.  Black IPA's have a special place in my heart and this is one of the best.  Good and good for you.  Nom nom nom
  • I remember my first time fielding a bunt, apparently Lohse doesn't.  WAYYYYYYY overthrows firs and Hill easily trots in.  Then Ahmed, the new and improved version, crushes a double to left and Owings scores thanks to a poor job of catching at the plate.  2-1 Dbacks
  • Hellickson must have have heard me badmouth him as he singles in another run to help his cause.  3-1 Dbacks going into the bottom half of the frame.
  • Pitching still looks.....questionable.  This may be quite a barn burner of a game.  Good thing I got my drinking gloves on.
  • I'm sensing that Pacheco's patience is wearing thin at this point.  Hellickson is looking pretty pedestrian up there now.  Seriously, the Dbacks situation at the catching position is no bueno.
  • Help us Obiwan Corbin.  You're are only hope.  Hellickson may not be long for this world.
  • 3-2 Dbacks after the 2nd.  We got lucky that last inning, very lucky.  This will be a very high scoring game.
  • Like I said earlier.  Goldy loves Miller Park, though Miller Park does not love him back.  4-2 Dbacks
  • EdbiggHead and I feel a Church of Goldy should be established.  The signs are there as was written in Scrolls of Randy.  He truly is the only begotten son of LaRussa.
  • Thankfully Lohse is making Hellickson's job SOOOO much easier.  I'd be shocked if both pitchers make it into the 5th inning at this point.  Still Lohse somehow gets out of the 3rd with only one run given up.  Go figure.
Beer 3:  Captain Stout by Alpine Beer Co.
  • When Alpine Beer Co finally got into the AZ market late last year it was a good day.  Seriously, when Green Flash Brewery bought them they chose wisely, and they were wise to let them remain as their own entity.  Alpine might be the best brewery in SoCal, or at least the best at making IPA.  This of course is no IPA, but they're incapable of making bad beers.
  • Hellickson, despite shaky pitching, gets another single and then Inciarte promptly singles him over to 2nd.  Maybe, just maybe we'll see our starter go past 5 innings after all.
  • Lord Goldy!!!!!!!  CRUSHED THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  7-2 Dbacks.  Wow.  Just wow
  • Boston Mark of Papago has joined me.  This guy is so Boston that he texts in s Boston accent.
  • Good things keep happening.  Still 7-2 Dbacks going int ob
Beer 4:  Silva Stout by Green Flash
  • Holy mother of God, this is amazing.
  • Hellickson might just do something awesome here.  That is he might just finish this gsme.
  • I guess Goldy is human after all, as he finally grounds out.  Still 7-2 going into the bottom of the 6th and things are looking awesome.
  • Mark is a beer god, there is no man better when it comes to ranking beer.  He's a walking beer advocate dictionary.
  • Technical difficulties?  Shenanigans!!!!
  • Looks like more runs are upon us.  Good times indeed.  Perhaps I'm finally good luck
Beer 5:  Hop Ottin IPA by Anderson Valley
  • This game is descending into boredom, but at least the beer is exciting.  God how i love IPAs
  • Well, I'm still thinking of establishing the Church of Goldy.  Despite the strike out just now......
Bells and whistles [by Jim]

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The Diamondbacks send their regards: Paul Goldschmidt, +23.2%
A Diamondback is not a slave: Ahmed, +11.8%; Hellickson (hitting), +11.8%
You know nothing: A.J. Pollock, -7.2%

Decent enough GDT, given most people will have something else to do on a Saturday afternoon. freeland1787 had more than any two others combined, ahead of GuruB, with AzDbackfanInDc and JoeCB1991 tied for third. Also present were: BrokeNBattleX, James Attwood, Jim McLennan, MrMrrbi, PhxSunsFan4Life, Xerostomia, asteroid, cheese1213, coldblueAZ, ford.williams.10, gamepass, hotclaws, mbarnard11, onedotfive and xmet. Comment of the Thread, by a distance exceeded only by a Goldschmidt fly-ball, was mbarnard11 for a predictive gem:

We have a winner. Tomorrow, the Diamondbacks go for the sweep: if they do, we will have alternated sweeps and being swept in each of their last six road series. The team swept Colorado, Miami and, with a win on Sunday, Milwaukee, while being swept by Los Angeles, Philadelphia and St Louis. Chase Anderson gets the start, and be up early, since first pitch for this is at 10:10am, Arizona time.