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SnakePit Fantasy Baseball, Week 7

The best hitter this week was owned by... nobody! No-one saw Mike Napoli's five homer, 10 RBI week coming, for some reason... What of the players who were chosen?

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Week 7 Results

AZ SnakePit 5, Alabama Slammers 5
All square here, in a game of two halves. Snake swept hitting, Cruz and Harper homering twice, while Gomez scored seven; Pujols had two HR for Alabama. But the Slammers in turn swept pitching, Shields notching a W + 18 K, and Boxberger three Sv. Grilli saved three for AZ.

MyWieterGetzLongoria 8, Dirk Ziegler 1
The week's biggest blowout went to Wieter, as even Pitcher of the Week Hamels (two W, 12 K) couldn't save Dirk, who took only WHIP. Bauer got two W and 11 strikeouts for Wieter, with Storen saving three, and they took all five hitting points, behind three honers by McCutchen.

Angry Saguaro 3, Trail-Hitters 7
Trail keep on Trailin', cruising to victory with a sub-two ERA and WHIP of 1.00. Kluber got a W + 19 K, and Hammel added 17 strikeouts. At the plate, Duda homered twice, driving in six. For the Saguaro, Aybar scored seven Runs, with Santiago adding a Win and 11 strikeouts.

Smell the Glove 4, Socrates Burritos 5
HR ended level at six, and that was the margin the Burritos edging Glove. Socrates got two W and nine strikeouts from Miley, while Smell picked three saves, courtesy of Casilla. On offense, Smell saw Upton go deep twice, with eight RBI, both figures being matched by Gattis for Socrates.

Mizzoula Osprey 3, Rougned Hodor 6
The Osprey continue to struggle for offense, hitting .202 with one home-run. Rougned's offense was led by Hundley (two HR, six RBI), Rizzo also driving in six. Wacha won twice and struck out nine for them, but Mizzoula had some success, Allen saving three, and Liriano adding a W + 14 K.

CGS 7, What the Hellickson? 3
CGS racked up 13 home-runs, with three apiece by Fielder and Braun, who combined for 20 RBI. What got two HR and six RBI by Goldschmidt. In pitching, while Perkins got three Saves and Foltynewicz a Win and 14 strikeouts. Burnett less CGS's hurlers, with a win and 10 K's.

Waffles 4, Yasmany as Possible 5
Each side managed only one Win here. Waffles did pick up three Sv from Tolleson, while Sanchez got 13 K; Sales had 17 strikeouts for Yasmany. They also saw Dozier notch a trio of home-runs, both he and Belt driving in five. Encarnacion went deep three times for Waffles.

Rank Team W-L-T Pct GB Last Waiver Moves
1 Trail-Hitters 47-19-4 .700 - 7-3-0 5 13
2 MyWieterGetzLongoria 38-24-8 .600 7 8-1-1 7 3
3 Rougned Hodor 39-27-4 .586 8 6-3-1 12 12
4 Alabama Slammers 35-30-5 .536 11.5 5-5-0 1 21
5 AZ SnakePit 35-31-4 .529 12 5-5-0 4 7
6 CGS 34-32-4 .514 13 7-3-0 8 16
7 Angry Saguaro 32-35-3 .479 15.5 3-7-0 10 12
8 Socrates Burritos 31-35-4 .471 16 5-4-1 11 13
9 Yasmany as Possible 30-36-4 .457 17 5-4-1 2 4
10 Waffles 30-36-4 .457 17 4-5-1 9 22
11 Smell the Glove 28-36-6 .443 18 4-5-1 6 4
12 Mizzoula Osprey 27-39-4 .414 20 3-6-1 3 15
13 What the Hellickson? 27-40-3 .407 20.5 3-7-0 13 15
14 Dirk Ziegler 27-40-3 .407 20.5 1-8-1 14 8
Week 8 Games

AZ SnakePit vs. Mizzoula Osprey
MyWieterGetzLongoria vs. Alabama Slammers
Angry Saguaro vs. Dirk Ziegler
Smell the Glove vs. Trail-Hitters
Socrates Burritos vs. Yasmany as Possible
CGS vs. Rougned Hodor
Waffles vs. What the Hellickson?

Second faced fourth in this round's ESPN Game of the Week, as MyWieterGetzLongoria take on the Alabama Slammers. Morales has been Wieter's most impressive pick-up: ranked 277th before the season, he has been the 17th most productive player so far. Less of a surprise is the Slammers' top guy: first-round pick King Feliz has anchored their pitching staff, and is #8 overall.