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Diamondbacks 0, Dodgers 8

Not quite what we wanted, shall we say.

Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

Rubby De La Rosa delivered an entirely Rubby De La Rosa-esque outing tonight, channeling his inner Rubby De La Rosa. By which I mean he was great for four out of the five innings he pitched. Unfortunately, the fifth consisted of him swinging wildly between being unable to find the zone, and serving up meatballs. Two walks and two homers ensued, including a grand-slam, and we were 5-0 down after two. However, he did work through five innings, and so we only had to use two relievers: Daniel Hudson gave up another home-run in two frames of work, and Enrique Burgos two runs in the eighth.

The offense was largely stifled: our best chance was in the sixth, when we put the first two on, including Danny Dorn's first major-league hit. However, we left them loaded, as Chris Owings and David Peralta struck out on pitches out of the zone. Paul Goldschmidt had two of the Diamondbacks five hits. We'll reconvene tomorrow night, hoping for a great deal better on all fronts, as Jeremy Hellickson takes on Scott Baker.