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Ranking Diamondbacks GMs as possible managers

Why be a 'general' manager when you can be a specific one? Let's assess the prior Diamondbacks GMs to see which ones might have been the next Connie Mack.

Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

The Marlins did a thing. Specifically, they fired their manager, which is a thing disappointing teams do, and replaced him with their general manager. It's not Ted Turner installing himself as manager level crazy, but it's a very Marlins move. Always keep them guessing!

The why of it is beyond this article's scope, and I'm sure you can read all about it at Edgy Sportsball Website of your choice. Let's instead embrace the crazy and look at the Diamondbacks short history of GMs to see which would make good managers. Remember, all geniuses built Art Deco home run sculptures in their time.

Joe Garagiola, Jr

Pros - Son of a former major league catcher and broadcast, probably knows a lot of funny anecdotes.

Cons - Didn't play the game professionally.

Kevin Towers

Pros - Former minor league pitcher, enjoys intimidation techniques, hates strikeouts.

Cons - Maybe into throwing at people a little too much, would insist on playing the high character/low talent guys, might yell at the younger players if they don't change their car oil every 3,000 miles.

Josh Byrnes

Pros - Started as a video scout, likely knows where to get the best Dockers khakis, has worked for 4 of the 5 NL West teams so might know some good insider info or at least gossip.

Cons - Would be tempted to run Eric Byrnes out in his uniform on occasion to catch a new movie, never played the game professionally.

Jerry Dipoto

Pros - Former minor league pitcher, likes spreadsheets and knows how to use them, a good company man.

Cons - Would insist on playing each series in Dynasty League Baseball with the opposing manager, will side with the robots when they inevitably rise up.

Dave Stewart

Pros - Former major league pitcher, played under Tony La Russa, possibly with the Eurythmics.

Cons - Will insist on the Diamondbacks being a real baseball team and ban all ghosts, phased entities, elemental monsters, and the undead of all sorts.

Bob Gebhard

Pros - Former major league pitcher, was part of the Expos organization (RIP), might be a good friend with Youppi.

Cons - Part of the initial front office when the Rockies were an expansion team, half life of contamination is not yet known.

Generally speaking, most of the above wouldn't be that bad in that most have professional baseball playing experience. Of course, knowing how to play the game on a physical level isn't quite the same as knowing how to use the right tactics, as many a former player has learned.

What do you think? Any of these guys have what it takes to manage a team, or should if the emergency comes do you think we should just install Baxter as skipper? Let me know in the comments below!