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SnakePit Fantasy Baseball, Week 6

In contrast to last week's close set of games, there was only one this week decided by a margin of less than four points? Who romped home, and who got a sound thrashing?

Yeah, we saw a bit TOO much of Harper last week...
Yeah, we saw a bit TOO much of Harper last week...
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Week 6 Results

AZ SnakePit 7, Dirk Ziegler 3
Harper repeated as Hitter of the Week, with three HR and ten Runs for AZ, but Cabrera had four HR and nine RBI for Dirk. Valbuena (Snakepit) and Choo (Ziegler) each added three HR as the sides combined for 24 homers. Arrieta had a W + 17 K for AZ, and Uehara saved three for Dirk.

MyWieterGetzLongoria 2, Trail-Hitters 6
Wieter got three HR from Bryant, along with eight RBI, but Stanton's four HR and seven RBI for Trail helped keep them unbeaten. Beltre added two home-runs, driving in seven, while Pitcher of the Week Corey Kluber had 18 K and a 0.13 WHIP, Lester getting two Wins and 13 strikeouts.

Angry Saguaro 8, Socrates Burritos 1
Angry swept pitching, with a 2.59 ERA, getting a Win and 10 K's by Quintana and Martinez, while Robertson picked up three Saves. Cole had a W + 14 strikeouts for Socrates, but SB was their only victory. Saguaro got two HR and five Runs from Carpenter, while Abreu drove in five.

Smell the Glove 5, Yasmany as Possible 4
The only close contest this week, went to Smell, after RBI ended tied at 32 each. They hit .302, with Posey and Upton homering twice; Belt went deep three times for Yasmany. They also got a pair of Wins and 16 K from Lynn, but Glove held on, Carrasco notching 16 strikeouts.

Alabama Slammers 2, Rougned Hodor 7
Rougned surged into second, taking all five hitting points, with Seager and Rizzo each delivering two HR and five RBI. Byrd and Martinez each had two HR for Alabama, and Gregerson notched three Sv, but they couldn't keep up, as Hodor posting a 2.76 ERA with Greinke fanning 10.

Mizzoula Osprey 7, What the Hellickson? 3
In a basement battle, Osprey notched their first W, the result leaving these two tied for last place. But Mizzoula will be encouraged by two HR and six RBI from Hosmer, with Gonzalez and Trumbo also homering twice. What? got five R and RBI from Goldschmidt, Papelbon adding three Sv.

CGS 7, Waffles 2
Fielder had three HR for CGI, Encarnacion four for Waffles, but it was the former who prevailed, behind strong hitting, Braun getting two HR and seven RBI, and Crawford with eight RBI. Burnett added two Wins and 12 strikeouts, though Scherzer's two Wins and 17 K's countered for Waffles.

Rank Team W-L-T Pct GB Last Waiver Moves
1 Trail-Hitters 40-16-4 .700 - 6-2-2 5 12
2 Rougned Hodor 33-24-3 .575 7.5 7-2-1 14 11
3 MyWieterGetzLongoria 30-23-7 .558 8.5 2-6-2 9 3
4 Alabama Slammers 30-25-5 .542 9.5 2-7-1 1 18
5 AZ SnakePit 30-26-4 .533 10 7-3-0 4 7
6 Angry Saguaro 29-28-3 .508 11.5 8-1-1 12 11
7 CGS 27-29-4 .483 13 7-2-1 10 14
8 Waffles 26-31-3 .458 14.5 2-7-1 11 20
Socrates Burritos 26-31-3 .458 14.5 1-8-1 13 10
10 Dirk Ziegler 26-32-2 .450 15 3-7-0 6 7
11 Smell the Glove 24-31-5 .442 15.5 5-4-1 7 4
Yasmany as Possible 25-32-3 .442 15.5 4-5-1 2 4
13 Mizzoula Osprey 24-33-3 .425 16.5 7-3-0 3 13
What the Hellickson? 24-33-3 .425 16.5 3-7-0 8 13
Week 7 games

AZ SnakePit vs. Alabama Slammers
MyWieterGetzLongoria vs. Dirk Ziegler
Angry Saguaro vs. Trail-Hitters
Smell the Glove vs. Socrates Burritos
Mizzoula Osprey vs. Rougned Hodor
CGS vs. What the Hellickson?
Waffles vs. Yasmany as Possible

Angry Saguaro will become the latest to try and halt the unstoppable force which is the Alabama Slammers in the ESPN Game of the Week. The Saguaro  have been powered by their hitting so far, going 4-2 in three offensive categories, and their .287 batting average leads the league. The Slammers, on the other hand, have yet to taste defeat in Saves, going 5-0-1 there, but are also 4-1-1 in K, so will good pitching beat good hitting?