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Pit Your Wits: Week 7

Last week, I asked you to explain the sacred game that brings us together. Let's see how you did!

Atsushi Tomura/Getty Images

This week once again finds onedotfive on the top spot of the podium!

Grown men in tight unis (oh yeah!) are paid out the wazoo (what? ya got somethin' against money?) to play a child's game.

Oh! And it also involves running, throwing, catching, and batting. 
If you’re lucky you get to steal a base (no, don’t call the police) while everybody looks on and cheers!
Umpires (vile creatures) are scattered around the playing field to make bad calls and generally to draw the ire of the fans in the stands.

What a game!

Not one shred of evidence exists in favor of the idea that life is serious.

Second place has another three way tie featuring the wit of hotclaws, Jim McLennan, and TucsonTim!

It's cricket,for dumber,more impatient people.

Baseball fans love numbers. They love to swirl them around their mouths like Bordeaux wine. ~Pat Conroy 

Do you know what cricket is like?

Well, it’s completely different.

It'a a game

A game where the BEST offensive players fail 65% of the time. A game of waiting around for something to happen, but when something does happen it’s at an amazing speed and requires almost superhuman reflexes and agility. A game where one player throws a hard ball past a foe at speeds occasionally over 100 mph from only 60.5 feet away. A game that celebrates individual accomplishments but can only be won by team play. A game with a rich history that remembers players from earlier eras better than any game I know. A game free from the tyranny of time, that ain’t over til it’s over.

And last but not least, we have Diamondhacks in third!

I'd explain baseball

with an edible diorama and intricate pulley system.

Another couple new faces this week, and onedotfive extends her lead!





Jim McLennan-6











In case you hadn't noticed, the Dbacks pitching hasn't been great the past week. The bullpen has struggled, Archie didn't do so great in his return. There's a problem, and it needs a solution. You need to find a cure for what ails them. Post in the comments what the Dbacks need to do to solve their recent pitching problems. Go!