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Snake Bytes 5/14: Addison's Disease

Like a Reed on the wind, Addison Reed's pitch to Michael Taylor flew from Chase Field, as the Diamondbacks watched defeat snatched from the jaws of victory.

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Quick Quotes

"It just happened, let's give it a day or so, huh? Every time somebody doesn't perform they're either going to get taken out of the rotation or they're going to get sent down. Know what I mean? Come on, man. It's a 162-game season, guys struggle, man. Let's give that team credit. They battled, guy off the bench got put in for a guy who got thrown out, comes up with a big home run. That's pretty impressive, so, I mean, we're always trying to get better but we haven't had a whole lot of those opportunities for him, so it's hard. We just have to get better."

-Chip Hale on replacing Addison Reed as closer

"The ball, the grand slam that went out, was belt-high and over the middle. I haven't gone back and looked at it, but I can almost guarantee it was belt-high. Right out of the hand, it felt like a terrible pitch, and he did what he was supposed to do with it."

-Addison Reed on the grand slam pitch

It Happened Last Night

Nationals 9, Diamondbacks 6

The Umpires did something that no one had been able to do for over a week, they contained Bryce Harper. The Nationals' slugger was tossed out of the game in the top of the seventh inning. Unfortunately for the Diamondbacks, it seems that Harper actually is supernatural and can channel his powers wherever he needs to, whenever it is necessary. The Diamondbacks took a 6-5 lead into the ninth inning, which brought in closer, Addison Reed. Reed proceeded to load the bases, bringing up Michael Taylor - the man inserted into the game to replace the ejected Harper. Two pitches later, Taylor did Bryce Harper things, crushing a grand slam to into the camera well in straight away center field on his first ever plate appearance with the bases loaded.


By the Numbers

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Corey Kluber Fans 18

The reigning AL C Young Award winner has had a rough start to the season, still winless going into last night's outing. That all changed when he struck out 18 batters, the most in the AL since Roger Clemens struck out 20 for the Red Sox in 1996.

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