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Diamondbacks 14, Nationals 6

In what can only be described as revenge for last night's whalloping of the Diamondbacks by the Nationals, the Dbacks returned the favor tonight in a big way. They scored multiple runs in the first, fourth, fifth, and sixth innings. Steven Strasburg got chased from the game with one out in the fourth. Every Dbacks starter scored at least one run, and everyone except, get this, Paul Goldschmidt had at least one hit. You know the Dbacks have an amazingly fantastic game when they can score 14 runs and the most Goldy can say is that he got a walk. I'll take that twice a day and three times on Sunday.

Ruby De La Rosa was good enough tonight as well, even though he was seriously overshadowed by the offense. He ended up going seven innings, eight hits, and four earned runs. Not a great start by any stretch of the imagination, but after the last couple nights, the bullpen needed the rest, and he gave it to them. Full, very happy, recap to follow soon!