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Snake Bytes, 5/12: That'll leave a mark

So, anyone do anything fun last night? I watched Game of Thrones, Danish crime show The Eagle and a documentary on Black Adder. I believe the Diamondbacks might have played a game of baseball, but I'm not sure about that.

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Yeah, there was a lot of this last night...
Yeah, there was a lot of this last night...
Norm Hall/Getty Images

[FOX Sports] D-backs get Paul Goldschmidt, bullpen rest at cost of ugly loss to Nats - "It's a hard thing to do for the manager because you're basically throwing in the towel, people think that, that's what it looks like, but with our (pitching) situation ... we knew we weren't going to use any other relievers, except (Enrique) Burgos for an inning," Hale said. "We were looking into using position players if we had to," he added. "(Cliff) Pennington actually has a pretty good arm."

[Arizona Sports] Scherzer, Nationals blow out Arizona Diamondbacks - "Well, that escalated quickly." Hang on... Sounds strangely familiar? Great minds... "A four-run first plus a six-run second added up to an early exit and trip to the showers for Arizona Diamondbacks starter Josh Collmenter, who couldn't make it through two innings in an 11-1 series-opening loss to the Washington Nationals in front of a season-low 16,406 at Chase Field on Monday. Collmenter's night ended after only 13 batters -- 33 minutes after first pitch -- but in those 13 at-bats, there were eight hits that turned into nine runs, including first-inning home runs by Denard Span and Ryan Zimmerman. "

[AZ Central] Collmenter's command woes lead to ugly start - "Fastball command is the beginning and ending of everything that I do well and tonight it was up in the zone and flat," Collmenter said. "When it's like that, it's pretty easy to hit, as evidenced tonight." Besides being unable to keep the ball down consistently, Collmenter said he didn't think his fastball had the same movement as usual. As for why that happened, he's not sure. "I could be rushing my mechanics or something, not getting on top of the ball. It could be a variety of things. I'm not sure. I'll look at some tape and try to make a few adjustments going into the next start."

Team News

[Arizona Sports] Bradley 'ready to get going again' after simulated game - "It went well," he said. "Had a couple hit back at me. Obviously, a little scary but didn't flinch, got right back up there (on the mound). You almost kind of want that just to see how you're going to react, where you're at mentally after something like that happens. I was fine with it. It's part of the game. Obviously, with what happened I'm a little more cautious of it now, but when I'm up there I'm just worried about pitching and trying to get guys out."

[AZ Central] Nuño pitches well, saves bullpen - Key to Nuño's success was the further development of his change-up. During spring training, pitching coach Mike Harkey had Nuño switch his change-up grip, from more of a two-seam grip to a palm ball, a grip Harkey also introduced to fellow lefty Robbie Ray. It took until Nuño's second outing in Reno for it to click, but since he's thrown it often. "(Harkey) told me to mess with it and told me to trust it and just start with it and just keep on trusting it," Nuño said. "That's all. And I've doing it and I've been throwing it a lot in Reno in my starts."

[FOX Sports] Corbin strikes out five in extended spring game - "Like he never left," Harkey said. "Basically what I am looking for is fastball command, his fastball command today was outstanding. His slider is still a work in progress, but that is usually the last thing that comes.." "There is very little (pain) in there, and it seems to go away when I throw," Corbin said. "I still feel little aches and pains there. The one thing is, the recovery time from my bullpen is taking a little bit longer, just the ligaments getting used to it. When it comes around when I'm going to pitch, everything feels great. Feel strong. Just excited to get to extend pitches and innings."

[Arizona Sports] Corbin shows good command, ‘getting close' to returning - "Probably three or four more starts and then I should be back with the team if everything goes well. I'm just excited. Three weeks right now seems like nothing to be back... Four innings today, got extended. My arm felt like it got better and better as we went on. Fastball command, it felt really good today. Better than last outing. I continue to improve every time I go out there and the arm feels better and better."

[AZ Central] Diamondbacks don't see a 'special' player in draft class - Scouting director Deric Ladnier said, he doesn't see a player in this class who has separated himself from the pack the way others have in recent draft history, such as Bryce Harper, Stephen Strasburg or David Price, among others. As such, one option the club is considering is to cut a below-slot deal with the top pick in order to reallocate that money elsewhere in the draft. If the Diamondbacks don't believe there's a significant talent difference among players at the very top of the draft but do see a difference in their price tags, that kind of strategy could make sense.

[Arizona Sports] Hudson willing to accept whatever role that is presented - "I was pretty gassed there in that fourth inning. It's amazing how quickly your stamina goes down if you don't do it every single day. I knew I was going to be pretty sore today, but I'm sore in all the right places. I'm not sore anywhere near my elbow, which is a good sign... Physically, I think right now the smartest thing to do is to come out of the bullpen and limit my innings and get me some work that way. Just get through this season, whatever they need me to do, I'll do. If they need me to take another start like that (Sunday), then maybe I'll be on the top of that list somewhere down the road."

And, elsewhere...

[CBSSports] Barry Bonds going forward with case accusing MLB teams of collusion - All-time home run king Barry Bonds is going ahead with a case against MLB regarding his claim of collusion by teams that prevented him from obtaining a playing job following the 2007 season, people with knowledge of the case said. Sources say Bonds is working now on a grievance against MLB regarding the way his career ended. He could potentially file a lawsuit, as well, but he appears to be working with MLB Players Association now.

[AP] Major League Baseball pumped up security for its game balls this season in the wake of the Tom Brady flap - Starting this year, an MLB representative watches the baseballs while a clubhouse assistant carries them from the umpires' room to the field. And if the supply runs low during the game, an MLB security person is now sent to retrieve more from the umps' room. In the past, a ball boy or ball girl did those jobs alone. "We can't deflate `em," Yankees pitcher CC Sabathia said Sunday. "It's precautionary, I guess."

[The Week] The decline of baseball — and American character - The link between the crushing violence of football and brain disease is clear. But we still watch — and more than ever. We flee the languor of baseball for the violent vigor of football. We choose what feels more like the modern equivalent of Roman gladiatorial combat over the slower, understated drama of baseball. Sports both reflect and shape culture. So the conversation surrounding the demise of baseball in America stands to be far more significant than a superficial debate about sports. [In other news, local kids were told by the author to get off his damn lawn...]