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Gameday Thread, #3: 4/8 vs. Giants

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

I always tend to the view that if you can win two-thirds of your home games and four out of nine on the road, you'll be in pretty good shape for the playoffs. That works out at 90 wins over the course of the season, which should be close to guaranteeing a post-season spot of one form or another. Last year, while the D-backs weren't very good anywhere, it was the home half of that equation where the struggled, with only 33 of their 64 wins at home: their 31 wins away from Chase was more than both the Padres and Rockies. Last year, we didn't win our second home game until April 25, and that was a season that started a week early plus two "home games" in Sydney earlier.

Forgot to mention, elsewhere tonight, Brandon McCarthy makes his debut for the Evil Empire, and Cody Ross is also starting for the Athletics. Be curious to follow their progress.