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Gameday Thread, #2: 4/7 vs. Giants

So, I presume there will be 1,400 comments tonight as well? Wait, where are you going?

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

I must confess, I will probably not particularly be active in tonight's thread, though I still intend to watch the game. Last night was a bit of a descent into technological hell, as I attempted to surf the ever-increasing thread on my phone, while updating the stream on my tablet. Much like Chase Field, Gameday Threads tend to grind to a halt when they are too busy... This evening, it's more likely to be popping in on the desktop PC during commercial breaks. But I am still keen to see how De La Rosa does. I feel a bit more optimistic about tonight that I did going into last night, since the drop-off from Bumgarner > Vogelsong is likely larger than the one from Collmenter > De La Rosa.

Chris is making tacos, and we'll be enjoying those on the table in the living roon, perhaps with a beer or two to celebrate National Beer Day. Hopefully, I'll get to sink a cold one in celebration of the first Diamondbacks win of the 2015 season, rather than pulling a face like the ninth-inning one in the picture above!