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Fun Police: hide your baseball jokes!

We've had a few, long months without baseball. I get it, you've went cold turkey and are feeling a little loopy. Can we agree to lay off these overdone jokes?

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

The beauty of the internet is that you can find a community for nearly anything. The drawback is that we, as humans, are not as clever as we think. There's only so much you can say about baseball, and with so many platforms pumping out content, overlap is bound to happen. Hell, I'm sure someone on is writing this exact same column - if we assume an infinitely large universe, then this almost certainly is true!

I don't want to referee people's fun, but we can be better. Look at this laziness:

The Wave is awful, Gd Bless America is awful, and bunting is usually a bad idea. None of these things are a particularly unique idea, yet there I was, Twitterin' it up.

The other drawback to internet culture is how it promotes echo-chambers. ESPN and mainstream sports media represents one kind of echo chamber, one where numbers are still kind of scary and heart still really matters, but SBNation and Deadspin represent another kind of alternative echo-chamber. Do we need two different takes on the Marlins failure to close their roof in time that amount to the same thing?

Most, if not all, of us fall into this repetitious trap. I'm not saying we should or can avoid it, but we can try to do better. Here's some things that are overdone:

Using the first day stats to project the 162 game total - A sardonic take on optimistic projections that don't take regression into account. A pitcher has a perfect first inning - on his way to 30 perfect games! A batter hits a home run - 162 home run total record, here we come!

Insane ballpark food - Look, I like food, and the more ridiculous it is, the better. But Churro Dogs and deep-fried 3 Musketeer bars rolled in lentils is an off-season topic. We have baseball now! Let's leave the clickbait for December.

'Suggestions' to improve the speed of play - A lot of energy was expended in the off season by Organized Baseball to improve the speed of play, the thought being that people don't like long baseball games. That might be true, I'm no doctor! But it also led to a cottage industry of people making roughly a million jokes about how to improve the pace of games.

Picking on bad teams - Fans (phans?) of the Phillies know their team is bad. Fans of the Rangers, or the Diamondbacks, or the Barves know their team is bad. Making fun of mediocre teams is pretty basic.

Breaking Bad - Meth teacher turns to chemistry, bring on the accolades. But like most Content, there's little point in going back to watching it if you missed it the first time.

Cadbury Eggs - My teeth hurt just typing that.

Hot takes, and hot takes on hot takes - Gotta get those views, man.

Lists - Lists are for hacks.

I don't follow a lot of baseball Twitter for a reason, and some of the above is why. I'm certainly not immune from my complaints, but I have better things to do with my time than read the same 10 jokes.

What are some of things you see in the Content-o-Sphere you're kind of 'over'?