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Infield Chatter Episode 7

With things happening in the past week, we actually talk about the Diamondbacks and other Baseball topics the whole time! It's an Easter Miracle!

No Devin this week, so it's the Clefo and soco yuk-yuk hour, but we do get into some actual Baseball discussion for once. Some of the things covered:

  • What the recent flurry of moves by the Diamondbacks might mean for now and the future, and our general feelings on that and what to look forward to in the first part of the season.
  • We take an opportunity to make fun of the Cubs for not having a fully-functional stadium
  • There was an interesting article on Deadspin this past Thursday with the premise of "If you could chance the outcome of one play, what would it be?" and we talk about this in a Diamondbacks context and briefly in our other sports rooting interest context. You should weigh in on this topic in the comments, cause I think it's interesting.
  • And in a series called "Talking about things published on other websites", we also discuss our personal preferences based around the concept of this Grantland article,
As always, download here, stream below