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Diamondbacks 5, Cubs 1: Hooray, beer!

We may need a lot of beer to endure this team... But tonight, wasn't too bad.

much power
much power
Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

A new era of baseball in the desert is at hand.  May God have mercy on our souls..........

So it begins......

Beer 1: Alpine Pale Ale by Alpine Beer Co.
  • A Pale Ale in name only. This is an IPA, and anyone who says otherwise is insane. Awesome drink too, especially after a long week. A very long week.
  • My friends are arguing on who is who on this team. It may take a while to get to know these guys.....
  • Hellickson; my first time seeing him pitch this spring. So far so far.
  • "I don't want Pollack leading off, he's too good at hitting for where he is." This is Jerry's logic. So much logic
  • EdBiggHead is at the game and has informed me .."Joe Maddon looks like a younger, but drunker Harry Caray." I'll go with his assessment...


Your new Cubs Manager....

Beer 2: Monkey Knife Fight
  • Yes, that's the name. Much smoother than the last beer, certainly more a true pale ale. Less hop bite for sure, but not enough to make me loath the order.
  • Owings with a solid hit, our new 2nd baseman. Perhaps hope yet exists with this team?
  • Goldy, the dark God of baseball, just couldn't bring Owing home.
  • Trumbo! Not a Trumbomb, but I'll take it. Maybe, just maybe he'll be what he was supposed to be last year. All the RBI's
  • Lamb BUZZ KILL!!! Watches that last pitch go right down the middle. Sigh. Tomas awaits you to stumble Lamb.....
  • Riding 10miles from work to Papago makes for a tired Turambar. Thankfully beer does an excellent job or re-hydrating me.
  • Trumbo's D on show. Easy stand-up triple. Though he probably would have been at 3rd anyways.
  • Goldy!!!!! Couldn't get the RBI, but gunned down that runner like a dog!!!! 1-0 Dbacks


Beer 3: Upslope Rye IPA
  • Nom nom nom. Rye beers are awesome, rye IPA's are even better.
  • Bad Hellickson! Bad! Tie game 1-1
  • Redeems himself, but the damage is done and the game is tied in the middle of the 3rd
  • Goldy CRUSHES!!!!!!!!!! So much power!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 2-1 Dbacks


  • After 4 and Goldy is God. Lamb tried to be a hero, but didn't really think it through.
  • Like many in the Snakepit I'm sure think this team seems a mystery. Potential in spots and pitfalls in others. What will overcome the other? Only Buddha knows.
  • Tuffy, by the grace of Thor, gets a double. These are truly rare times we live in.
  • To no avail though: 2-1 after the 4th.
  • Monte has returned. I'm actually very happy for him; young team with tons of talent and a great manager. He's in a great place.
Beer 4: Alpine Pale Ale.......again
  • Words can't describe how good this beer is. They should have sent a poet.
  • Hellickson not looking like a world beater, but eating up innings. That' s about all we can ask of him to be sure. Hell, 6 innings a start from him would be God-send.
  • Of course as I type that he juices up the bases with a walk. Damn your eyes!!!!!!!!
  • Tie game as Lamb just barley misses double play........... or does he?????
  • INSTANT REPLAY FOR PRESIDENT!!!!!!! Never mind the tie!!
  • I swear, each and every time Goldy comes up to the plate he seems dialed in. Yes he just struck out in the bottom of the 5th, but those times seem like little bits of mercy Goldy doles out to opposing pitchers.
  • Trumbo, without a Trumbomb, again comes through: 3-1 Dbacks
  • I see that Chafin has tried to equal my now deceased mustache. He has failed.
  • Hello Kitty bobble-head just appeared. May God help us all. Though, that would make for a good date night gift.........


Beer 5: Habanero Grapfruit Scuplin IPA

· This is truly the death god of IPA's. Made with habaneros as forged in the fires of Mount Doom. This IPA was never meant for the world of the living. Well, they ran out of my favorite incarnation of the Sculpin, but the grapefruit version is a good fallback plan. Yay.

  • 4-1 Dbacks! Pennington Brings home Hill in the bottom of the 6th. Two players who will see very little playing time.
  • The jury is going to be out for a while on this team, but I feel like our offence just might be good enough to keep us respectable the entire year.
  • Chafin (despite his weak mustache) does his job again. Going into the bottom of the 7th and we're still very much in charge of this game.
  • Opening Day just can't get here soon enough. Can't wait to check out the new food/drink options. Apparently there is even a place to get craft beer now. Yes I'm sure it'll be ruinously expensive, but as my dad says "It's only a $100 more to go first class."
  • Hudson, looks pretty solid. His fastball is MOVING all over the place. Maybe, just maybe, he'll eventually make it back as a starter.
  • Hill, earning those bench stripes, hits an nice insurance RBI double: 5-1 DBacks

Dbacks win, and I'm tired.  Good night and I promise all other beercaps will be better....mostly