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SnakePit Fantasy Baseball, Week #3

The two two have opened up a sizable gap, with two packs of six teams now showing in the standings behind them.

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Week 3 Results

AZ SnakePit 4, Smell the Glove 4
A hard-fought tie, with HR and W ending level. Smell had the edge at the plate, Upton and Butler each homering twice. Frazier and Valbuena did for Snake, who came back on the mound, behind Arrieta's two W + 13 K. But Casilla vultured a pair of Wins for Glove, to even the scores.

MyWieterGetzLongoria 6, Angry Saguaro 4
Angry piled up seven wins, with two apiece from Simon and Robertson, in a K-heavy battle where the teams combined for 129 strikeouts. Archer had a W + 16 K for Wieter, who prevailed on the strength of their hitting, Bryant scoring and driving in six. Abreu got two HR + seven RBI for Angry.

Socrates Burritos 6, Rougned Hodor 4
Hitter of the Week Teixeira (five HR, 10 RBI) was the difference maker here for Socrates, supported by a Win and 10 strikeouts from Eovaldi. For Rougned, Marte homered twice, while Melancon picked up three Saves, but the Burritos came out just ahead in both pitching and hitting.

Trail-Hitters 8, What the Hellickson? 1
The week's biggest blowout saw Hitters drop only SB, with Hamilton picking up five for Hellickson. Otherwise, it was one-way traffic: three HR and seven RBI from Stanton was Trail's best hitter, while Street picked up three Saves as the Hitters solidified their position in the top spot.

Dirk Ziegler 6, Waffles 4
The Zieglers edged Waffles, their hitting proving just good enough: Gordon homered twice, while Norris had six Runs and seven RBI. Encarnacion had two HR for Waffles. They also did well on pitching, led by Haren's Win and 10 strikeouts, but Buchholz's 10 K's helped Dirk hold on.

Alabama Slammers 7, CGS 2
Alabama kept pace at the top, with another clinical dismissal. Dickerson had three HR for them, Calhoun adding a pair, while Boxberger notched two Wins and a Save. Volquez had a Win and 11 strikeouts for CGS, who had a team ERA below two, but that and SB were their only successes.

Mizzoula Osprey 4, Yasmany as Possible 6
The Osprey's miserable start continues, falling to cellar-dwellers Yasmany. Cabrera had three HR and six RBI for the Possibles, with Miller's three Saves and Lynn's 13 K's standing out for them. Liriano gave Mizzoula a W + 16 K, but their offense managed only four HR and 19 RBI.

Rank Team W-L-T Pct GB Last Waiver Moves
1 Trail-Hitters 24-5-1 .817 - 8-1-1 6 6
2 Alabama Slammers 23-5-2 .800 0.5 7-2-1 1 9
3 MyWieterGetzLongoria 16-12-2 .567 7.5 6-4-0 10 2
4 Rougned Hodor 16-12-2 .567 7.5 4-6-0 4 5
5 Socrates Burritos 16-13-1 .550 8 6-4-0 14 5
6 AZ SnakePit 15-12-3 .550 8 4-4-2 5 4
7 Dirk Ziegler 14-14-2 .500 9.5 6-4-0 7 7
8 Angry Saguaro 14-14-2 .500 9.5 4-6-0 13 8
9 Smell the Glove 11-17-2 .400 12.5 4-4-2 8 4
10 Mizzoula Osprey 11-18-1 .383 13 4-6-0 3 6
11 Waffles 11-18-1 .383 13 4-6-0 12 11
12 What the Hellickson? 10-19-1 .350 14 1-8-1 9 5
13 CGS 9-19-2 .333 14.5 2-7-1 11 5
14 Yasmany as Possible 8-20-2 .300 15.5 6-4-0 2 3
Week 4 Games

AZ SnakePit vs. Socrates Burritos
MyWieterGetzLongoria vs. Smell the Glove
Angry Saguaro vs. Yasmany as Possible
Trail-Hitters vs. Rougned Hodor
Dirk Ziegler vs. What the Hellickson?
Alabama Slammers vs. Waffles
Mizzoula Osprey vs. CGS

Trail-Hitters vs. Rougned Hodor is the ESPN game of the week, pitting two of the top four against each other. Trail have been utterly unstoppable so far, winning each of their games so far by at least a four-point margin. Giancarlo Stanton has been their star so far. As for Roughned, hodor Hodor hodor hodor-hodor hodor. Hodor, hodor hodor Zeck Greinke hodor Hodor!