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SnakePitFest 2015 v1.0 is tomorrow!

Joining us at Chase Field for tomorrow's game against the Pirates? Here are the details...

  • The asteroids
  • The SnakePits
  • The socos
  • DbacksSkins and jinnah
  • Turambar
  • imstillhungry95
  • emilylovesthedbacks
  • The ford.williams.10s
  • luckycc
  • songbird
  • The piratedan7s
  • pete25
  • GuruB

Anyone else attending the game, who has their own tickets, is more than welcome to pop in and join us at the Rose and Crown beforehand and say "Hi!" [Pro-Tip: If you approach me, holding a pint of Stella Artois out in front, will show your intent is friendly in nature...]

Where and when?

We'll begin assembling at the Rose & Crown, on 7th Street [between Monroe and Washington - more or less opposite Pizzeria Bianco] round about 5pm. Mrs. SnakePit will likely be there before me, so will operate as point person until I get over from work on the light-rail. For new people who haven't met us before, she'll be wearing a red D-backs shirt, #61 [yes, it dates back to the days of Livan Hernandez!]. It has "Mrs. SnakePit" on the back, so that should help eliminate confusion. :) She's also on the left of the front row in the pic above.

If it turns out you're going to be late (some of us will likely be at the R&C until close to 6:30 or so - socializing is more important at SnakePitFest than seeing the first pitch!), post in the comments here, and we'll figure out some convenient point either to leave your tickets, or liaise to meet you. We're in Section 102, which is right at Gate K, so probably heading there is the best bet, and we can pop out and meet you as appropriate.