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Series Preview #6: Pittsburgh Pirates

Now these guys are the true scourge of the National League, with their staff leading the league in hits batsmen, basking in the warm glow from the feel goodliness of the recent playoff contention.

Josh Harrison hopes to put the mojo on the D'Backs
Josh Harrison hopes to put the mojo on the D'Backs
Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

The media love and benevolence in recognition of their two decades long struggle for relevance and the love affair that they have for Andrew McCutcheon (well deserved, it's begrudgingly noted) makes them akin to a more successful version of the Cubs amongst the media literati.  Not only are we battling the Pittsburgh Pirates, aren't we in fact, battling the entire National League East, and how they represent the entire elitist East Coast of our great nation?  I put it to you Snakepit... isn't this series in fact a moratorium of the existence of West Coast baseball as we know it?

Well, I'm not gonna sit here and let this be an indictment on the entire state of Arizona, and I believe that there's only one proper response to the advent of this series....

Toga Party!


The Buccos' are at 8-8 and trending upwards as having won 6 of their last 10.  They've had the benefit of some home cooking and this will be their second foray on the road this year.  they've won their last two against the Cubs which obviously means that the Cubs were right to hold back Bryant.

  • Friday: Gerrit Cole (2-0  2.65 1.00) vs Josh Collmenter (1-2 3.38 1.38)
  • Saturday: A.J. Burnett (0-1 2.00 1.33) vs Rubby DeLaRosa (2-1 6.00 1.56)
  • Sunday: Francisco Liriano (0-1 3.00 0.83) vs Jeremey Hellickson (1-2 4.58 1.70)

Depending upon how you choose to look at or interpret the stats, it appears that we may be outclassed here, but then again, this is why they play the games, heck we even beat Gallardo last night, so you just never know.  You could say that our guys have won 4 and theirs have only won 2, so there... end of argument; but I know that you guys don't roll that way.


Since we're apparently up against superior pitching, I would rate this as a 1 in 3 probability, although I would gladly admit that this is simply a WAG on my part, so YMMV.

  • Francisco Cervelli - Now their Catcher in the post Russell Martin era
  • Jung Ho Kang - South Korean signing
  • Russell Martin - Hoping he's enjoying Toronto, supposedly received fruit basket from Tuffy when he signed there
  • Travis Snider - Traded to the Orioles over the winter


  • Sterling Marte - 8 for 20 over his last 7 games, SLG 1.000 OBP 1.455
  • Gregory Polanco - 8 for 21 in his last 7 games, SLG 690 OBP1.076
  • Pedro Alvarez - 3 for 18
  • Andrew McCutcheon - 4 for 20 (with 4 walks tho...)
  • Josh Harrison - 5 for 25


Corey (I Wear My Sunglasses At Night) Hart had an assault charge dropped after punching Chris Berman in the snooker in exchange for a pair of autographed specs.