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Jake Lamb to DL, Danny Dorn called up

The early good fortune of the Diamondbacks with regard to injury came to a grinding halt today with the news Jake Lamb is going on the DL.

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

Ouch. Losing the hottest hitter on the team over the first two weeks is going to hurt, though it does explain why Hill played over Lamb at the weekend. It also crushed a nascent Free Jake Lamb movement on social media... What bothers me most is the potential long-term nature of the injury. While details are scant, it sounds not dissimilar to what ailed Mark Trumbo last season, and we know how that severely hampered his production for most of the year. Hopefully, this won't be as bad for Lamb's case, but we'll see. It's a real shame for a campaign which had potential Rookie of the Year candidacy, to be derailed in mid-April.

Immediately, this seems likely to mean Yasmany Tomas regularly starting at third base. Indeed, perhaps his call up now makes more sense too. We will have to wait and see how this affects playing time, and also whether Tomas also gets starts in the outfield. A slightly happier note, I'm always pleased to see lifetime minor-leaguers like Dorn finally reach the majors. He was a 32nd-round draft pick in 2006, making this his tenth year in the minors, with 3,721 PAs accumulated over that time. This season, he had been hitting up a storm for Reno, going 18-for-38 with two home-runs. He's mostly a first-baseman, but also saw some playing time in the outfield last year.

As expected, Gerald Laird was also transferred from the 30-day to the 60-day disabled list, opening up a spot on the 40-man roster for Dorn, who will wear #26 in the big leagues.