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Trevor Cahill traded to Atlanta Braves

Well, that escalated quickly. From being named to the rotation, to being dealt to Atlanta, took Trevor Cahill only a few short days.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

We're still awaiting details of the cash involved, but earlier suggestions had the D-backs paying about half of the $12 million owed to Cahill for this year.

Josh Elander was a 6th-round pick in the 2012 draft for Atlanta, and spent last year repeating High-A. He was not very impressive, hitting .219/.319/.328. Interestingly, he was originally drafted as a catcher, but shifted to the outfield before the 2013 campaign. He had a great first-half in A-ball, putting up a .916 OPS, but struggled after being promoted to High-A, his OPS dropping by 200 points, with another 69 evaporating from that in 2014. It's a fall from grace for someone whom John Sickels once described as the "most potent current bat in the [Atlanta] farm system," but now seems like little more than a reclamation project or the proverbial "bag of balls".

The question now also becomes, what happens to the Diamondbacks' rotation, of which Trevor Cahill had been expected to represent 20%. The obvious answer is, the beginning of the Archie Bradley era, but as we've previously discussed, there are service time considerations which should be borne in mind