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Arizona Diamondbacks in talks with Atlanta Braves about Trevor Cahill trade

Might the Diamondbacks rotation not be quite as settled as we think?

Frank Victores-USA TODAY Sports

Nick Piecoro was the first to hint at this, saying "Dbacks have had trade discussions involving Trevor Cahill, sources say. Club would likely have to pick up at least half of his $12M salary." But Arizona Sports John Gambadoro has now posted some more specific information:

It seems rare for a front-line starting pitcher to be traded just a couple of days before Opening Day, and for reasons previously discussed, I'm quite surprised the Diamondbacks are looking at doing so now. Cahill's value was not likely to sink much further with a few April starts, coming has he was off a 3-12 season and 5.61 ERA. We'll see what comes of this, and what kind of prospects they are, but it would not surprise me if the trade worked out for Atlanta as well as the Brandon McCarthy one did for the Yankees last year - McCarthy's FIP for Arizona was almost identical to Cahill's (3.82 vs. 3.89).