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Snake Bytes 4/2: Last Chance to Make an Impression

With the final cuts to the 25-man roster due b tomorrow, this may be the last chance for some players to prove they should make the cut.

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Diamondbacks 3, Reds 0

Archie Bradley was dominant enough to reopen discussions about the rotation and Yasmany Tomás came through with the decisive bases-loaded double.

Spring Updates

Bradley Forces the Issue - Rotation Race Reopened for Consideration

Since spring of 2014, it seems that everyone has been stating that they wish Archie Bradley would just seize the opportunities given to him and force the team to take notice of his talent and put him in the rotation. On Wednesday afternoon, he may have done just that. After a solid spring led to reports that Bradley was still in consideration for a possible role in the bullpen, Bradley fired six innings of shutout ball, allowing only one hit, a bloop single to shallow left, which came with two out in the sixth. The outing has prompted Chip Hale and the front office to reconsider Bradley for the rotation.

Other Diamondback News

Hale Excited About First Season as a MLB Manager

It seems like he has been around working his mojo forever, but this is still manager Chip Hale's first season at the helm as opposed to being the guy next to him.

La Russa: Experts Overlooking Diamondbacks

Tony La Russa was speaking on Doug and Wolf Wednesday, "I really believe that the experts don't understand how solid our position player squad can be," he said. "And we have some depth, too."

Trumbo Looking for Bounce-back Year

"Trumbo has the track record to suggest he'll bounce back at the plate — guys don't hit 95 homers over three seasons by accident — and the Diamondbacks are encouraged by what they've seen from him in right field."

Other Fun News

Bob Melvin Spawning His Tree

Former Diamondbacks bench coach and manager, Bob Melvin, has quite successfully moved on from being the scapegoat for the Diamondbacks' troubles in 2009. Now he stands at the top of his profession, and is creating a new class of managers.

How Each Team Could Win the 2015 World Series

D-backs: Two new additions to Chase Field overwhelm the rest of MLB: In his first season in the league, Yasmany Tomas dominates the competition with home runs, while the Churro Dog dominates the competition with, well, deliciousness. During the World Series, the other team is too tired from eating multiple churro dogs to even attempt to run down batted balls.