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Pit Your Wits: Week 3

Last week, I asked you to create a tease trailer for the rest of the Diamondbacks season. Well, it looks like we all tuned back in for the next episode, so lets see who won!

Winslow Townson-USA TODAY Sports

Not a lot of high vote getting entries this week, but we did have a three way tie for first place. So starting there, kudos to benhat, onedotfive, and preston.salisbury!

It's that sweet smell of spring

Archie slings
Goldy swings
Bronson sings while he strums the (guitar) strings
And the quest begins, for our second ring

All of this will be narrated by Martin. Luther. King.

The 2015 Arizona Diamondbacks…"I Have a Dream"

Will Lamb turn baaaad?
Will Goldy remain gold?
Can Collmenter continue to axe the competition?
Will Archie stay animated?
Will Tuffy change his name to Fluffy?

Confused? You won’t be after this season of Dbacks baseball.

Start with a close up shot of the World Series trophy

falling off the edge of the Grand Canyon.

Cut to shots of Inciarte and Pollock making great plays in the outfield, with the trophy falling towards them.

Mike Trout appears wearing a Yankees uniform, because you can’t have anything baseball on TV without one or the other, so may as well combine them.

Sound effects of hard hit balls hitting the overhang play on repeat.

A shadowy figure portending a comeback appears and is seen doing something, but you really can’t tell what, because this is foreshadowing, and we aren’t going to give any spoilers here, no sir.

"Will someone get to the trophy in time?"

"Will Mark Trumbo ever hit a home run?"

"Will Mark Trumbo ever learn to field a position?"

"Will a starting pitcher ever make it into the 7th inning?"

"Who will catch the trophy?"

Find out as the 2015 season continues on SportsWorld 223, presented by Carl’s Jr’s Welcome to Costco I love you

This space intentionally left blank.

In second place, we have freeland1787!

The 2015 Dbacks

A roller coaster that puts the Superman roller coaster to shame.

We're Onto Seattle

And last but not least, Rockkstarr12!

Wait for it...

You’ve just seen the first week of 2015 Arizona Diamondbacks Baseball…but will you continue to watch?

Look for the following things to happen this season:

Archie Bradley, Jordan Pacheco, Ender Inciarte, & Jake Lamb become the new heart-throbs, making women of all ages swoon with delight
Bronson Arroyo & Patrick Corbin make their awaited returns to the pitching rotation…but who will be ousted?
Bronson Arroyo moonlights on American Idol & The Voice before making his previously-mentioned return to the rotation
Josh Collmenter decides to take on a new look, growing out his beard a la Aaron Kauffman (Fast ’N Loud) style
The ghost of Miguel Montero haunts Chase Field, causing Zak Bagans & the Ghost Adventures crew to come investigate while the DBacks are on the road

These are just a few things ahead on this season’s "Days Of Our Dbacks"! Tune in!

"I've learned that you shouldn't go through life with a catcher's mitt on both hands; you need to be able to throw something back." --Maya Angelou

Benhat extends his lead, and preston.salsibury joins a tie for second








So you may or not have heard, but SB Nation has introduced emojis to the commenting engine. You're challenge this week is to creatively use those emojis in some way. Here is a full list for you to use. You could use them to tell a story, make a funny joke with them, or just post one single silly emoji a thousand times and makes everyone laugh. It's up to you! Rec the uses you like, and don't rec the ones you don't find worthy. It's all in your hands now... Good luck and Godspeed. Or something. LOL