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The Wild Card: Random musings on the season thus far

Some stream of consciousness musings on the first week and a half of the season.

Jason O. Watson/Getty Images

Today, I'm just going to lay out some thoughts on the Diamondbacks, in the weird stream of consciousness style that Larry King's old USA Today's column used to do. Mostly Diamondback thoughts, some other stuff as well.

(You gotta dig his World Series prediction)

No matter what happens for the season, it's damn good to see Paul Goldschmidt committing heinous crimes on baseballs at the plate. It's something you kinda took for granted before the injury last year.

At this point, Mark Trumbo's defensive miscues in the outfield don't cause me to get angry anymore. It's more of a kinda condescending sympathy. He is obviously being put in a situation there that he is not particularly good at, but still has to be trotted out every night. It's the same sort of thing like if I were trotted out every day to Captain a Space Shuttle, and it never took off at any point, but they still sent me out there. So from fictional spaceship captains everywhere: we feel your pain, Mark.

Confession: I have a hard time conjuring up a strong opinion about the handling of Yasmany Tomas.

TINSTAAPP and all, but man oh man Archie Bradley is making me feel good about the world again. 

You could throw me up to the plate and it seems I would have just as likely a chance of getting a hit as any randomly selected Diamondbacks Middle Infielder.

Remember when the announcement that Aaron Hill was benched in favor of Owings/Ahmed was a momentous sort of thing? Yeah, he has more plate appearances than both of them at the time of writing.

People say "Oh Tuffy Gosewisch is better offensively than you think!" and I look at Baseball-Reference and he's hitting .200.

Sometimes I genuinely believe Cliff Pennington's first name is actually Chad.

Jake Lamb should get Rookie of the Year votes, as well as a few constituencies in the upcoming United Kingdom Election, enough where making him part of a Coalition Government is tantalizing for someone.

Hey that Star Wars trailer was pretty cool right? You know what's also pretty cool? People who announce loudly how they don't care about a thing that a lot of people like, like it gives them some weird moral high-ground, when really it just makes them look like a bitter contrarian. I get this a lot in my personal life around Super Bowl time with Theatre people on Facebook. People are like "Oh, is there a football game today, oh how droll, I am above such things." and it takes a lot of self control for me not to say around Tony Awards time: "Oh, y'all are fretting about awards proclaiming the best theatre out there which only covers a few blocks of New York City which you will never see? That's cute." Of course, I'm saying this now and... Look, just let people like the stuff they like when it comes to arts and entertainment and whatnot, you'll be a happier person.

Things that will also make me a happier person? Jeremy Hellickson speeding up a little. Though, to be fair, in his second start he basically moseyed along after a rough first inning. But still, c'mon man!

More like Addison Peed, amirite?

I didn't get much sleep last night.