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Diamondbacks 1, Padres 5

Jeremy Hellickson pitched a not terrible game that was strongly colored in a negative light by a rough first inning and by being incredibly slow. He had a final line of 6 2/3 innings, five runs, seven hits, and three walks. Three runs, three of the hits, and one walk came in the first inning. One run came directly because Mark Trumbo is not a good fielder and turned a Matt Kemp double (at most) into a triple, who then scored thanks to a Randell Delgado wild pitch. Not a good start, but a lot of positives to take a way that may bode well for the future. Maybe. Or maybe the length of this game has just made me lose my mind. Either is possible.

The offense, though, was terrible. They only managed a small handful of hits, and a solo run. The Padres' starter, Odrismaer Despaigne, shut the team down basically all night long, only facing more than four batters once in the game. They didn't fair much better against the Padres bullpen either. If you're hitting like that, you aren't going to win a lot of games (#HotTakes). Full recap of the futility to follow.