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SnakePit Fantasy Baseball Week 1

The first round of games are in the books, and we had everything from a squeaker win to a shutout and near-perfecto. Let's take a look at who did what, and to whom...

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Week 1 Results

AZ SnakePit 6, MyWieterGetzLongoria 4
Snake hit their way to victory, pounding out 14 home-runs, with three and eight RBI apiece by Perez and Frazier; McCutcheh had two HR and drove in six for Wieter. They also got a W + 11 K from Bauer, figures matched by Wood for Snake, who also picked up three Sv through Grilli.

Angry Saguaro 5, Steven B's Swag Team 3
Angry swept hitting and, although they failed to win any pitching areas, ties in W and Sv were enough for victory. Hitter of the Week Gonzalez (five HR, 8 R) was a big help, but Swag couldn't hit at all, batting .148. They did get a W + 11 K from Greinke; Wainwright had a W + 6 K for Saguaro.

Smell the Glove 6, What the Hellickson? 4
It was wheels up for Hellickson, Hamilton stealing and scoring seven, with Kinsler adding ten runs as they had the edge on hitting. But Smell roared back in pitching, with Kershaw's 14 K, Casilla's three Sv and Carrasco adding a W + 10 strikeouts. Benoit vultures two W for What.

Socrates Burritos 5, Waffles 4
A close game went to Burritos, neither side managing more than one Save. They got three HR and eight RBI from Votto, while Encarnacion homered twice for Waffles. Teheran and Ventura both had two W and nine K's for Socrates; Scherzer and Cueto combined for 30 K on Waffles' side.

Trail-Hitters 9, CGS 1
Reigning champs Trail steamrollered CGS, the latter's only point coming in ERA, despite having Pitcher of the Week Chapman (Win, two Sv, seven K, zero ERA). Otherwise, it was all Hitters. Kluber racked up 17 strikeouts for them, and at the dish, Bruce homered twice, with Rollins driving in seven.

Dirk Ziegler 5, Mizzoula Osprey 4
Both sides scored 29, but Ziegler otherwise swept hitting, getting two homers from Cabrera and Pedroia. However, the Osprey bounced back on the mound, Ross & Gallardo getting a W + 12 K, while Holland savedd three. Hamels fanned 11 for Dirk, who took WHIP by .03, and the match.

Alabama Slammers 9, Yasmany as Possible 0
The weeks biggest blowout saw Alabama come within one W o a perfect 10. Shields notched a W + 15 K, with Hernandez getting a Win and 11 strikeouts. Martinez had three HR and seven RBI, with Dickerson adding two HR and nine batted in. Yasmany did get three HR by Ramirez.

Rank Team W-L-T Pct GB Last Waiver Moves
1 Alabama Slammers 9-0-1 .950 - 9-0-1 1 3
2 Trail-Hitters 9-1-0 .900 0.5 9-1-0 6 4
3 AZ SnakePit 6-3-1 .650 3 6-3-1 5 1
4 Angry Saguaro 5-3-2 .600 3.5 5-3-2 13 5
5 Smell the Glove 6-4-0 .600 3.5 6-4-0 8 3
6 Socrates Burritos 5-4-1 .550 4 5-4-1 14 3
7 Dirk Ziegler 5-4-1 .550 4 5-4-1 7 5
8 Mizzoula Osprey 4-5-1 .450 5 4-5-1 3 3
9 Waffles 4-5-1 .450 5 4-5-1 12 5
10 What the Hellickson? 4-6-0 .400 5.5 4-6-0 9 3
11 Steven B's Swag Team 3-5-2 .400 5.5 3-5-2 4 1
12 MyWieterGetzLongoria 3-6-1 .350 6 3-6-1 10 -
13 CGS 1-9-0 .100 8.5 1-9-0 11 1
14 Yasmany as Possible 0-9-1 .050 9 0-9-1 2 2
Week 2 Games

AZ SnakePit vs. Angry Saguaro
MyWieterGetzLongoria vs. Yasmany as Possible
Smell the Glove vs. Steven B's Swag Team
Socrates Burritos vs. What the Hellickson?
Trail-Hitters vs. Waffles
Dirk Ziegler vs. CGS
Alabama Slammers vs. Mizzoula Osprey

Slammers vs. Osprey will be the ESPN Game of the Week, pitting the 2013 and 2012 champions against each other. Alabama are coming off an emphatic first-round victory, but Mizzoula will be looking to bounce back from a narrow defeat. Both sides picked in the bottom half of the first round, the Osprey selecting Cano with the 11th pick, while the Slammers took Hernandez with the fourteenth and final selection.